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4.52 (13689 ratings)

"One of our favourite curries from Simply Cook. My husband actually said, that's the best curry you've ever made"

4.48 (8370 ratings)

"One of the best tasting pasta meals I've ever had!!!!"

4.48 (5074 ratings)

"This is absolutely amazing so tasty and easy to do with very little prep involved definitely recommend"

4.41 (5058 ratings)

"Whilst it just looks like a steak salad with a dressing oh my it tastes divine. Just try it!"

4.36 (4802 ratings)

"Amazing, made me want to become a vegetarian"

4.42 (9313 ratings)

"Fantastic. I can't wait to have this again. Restaurant quality meal"

4.32 (214 ratings)

"What an amazing salad - loved it."

4.42 (772 ratings)

"This was utterly delicious! Will definitely be having this one again!!"

4.46 (8954 ratings)

"Best curry I've tasted. Easy to make and looks just like the picture. Definitely ordering again"

4.37 (4107 ratings)

"I absolutely love this dish! It is just so flavoursome and ticks all the right boxes"

4.38 (7769 ratings)

"Delicious, lots of elements which bring different flavours and textures"

4.4 (9987 ratings)

"This is such a great dish, we were blown away by how much flavour is packed into every aspect of it"

4.4 (8649 ratings)

"Fave one so far...tastes just like an Indian takeaway korma! Had a nan bread on the side...perfect"

4.39 (1089 ratings)

"I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this dish, however, I loved it, very tasty!"

4.38 (6094 ratings)

"Yum!! This curry was gorgeous!! A big hit with our friends who we had over for dinner. Will definitely have again!"

4.37 (13668 ratings)

"One of my favourites. So easy to cook and absolutely loads of flavour in a great creamy sauce"

4.37 (8677 ratings)

"Absolutely delicious especially with the basil and a dash of lime juice. My first SimplyCook meal and I feel like a real chef!"

4.37 (6246 ratings)

"Delicious! So simple yet so yummy! Will try with some extra veggies next time so there is more of it as leftovers!"

4.36 (7189 ratings)

"I like south East Asian cuisine so had high expectations - and I wasn't disappointed. I loved this dish!"

4.24 (6479 ratings)

"So so yummy! Very moorish, tastes better then a restaurant meal"

4.36 (7072 ratings)

"Beats any homemade Thai curry I have EVER made from scratch!"

4.36 (245 ratings)

"Amazing cauliflower recipe! Cauliflower isn't a favourite of mine but this recipe is fabulous. So healthy and so tasty...highly recommended"

4.35 (1404 ratings)

"Delicious. Absolute hit with my children!"

4.34 (5966 ratings)

"Absolutely stunning. Creamy and flavoursome. It had a nice warmth without being too hot. Another favourite!"

4.33 (5612 ratings)

"Really tasty, so simple and full of flavour! Tasted so much better than something shop brought. Portions were huge!"

4.32 (5107 ratings)

"So simple to make, yet the flavour was lovely. Would love to make this one again"

4.31 (5099 ratings)

"This is the best dish I've had from SimplyCook and the best Massaman I've ever had (and I've spent a lot of time in Asia)."

4.31 (975 ratings)

"My absolute favourite to date. Absolutely delicious. Am ordering again!"

4.3 (6179 ratings)

"Stunning and such complex flavour!"

4.3 (4671 ratings)

"Delicious, everyone who tasted it wanted to have it again, soon!"

4.29 (529 ratings)

"Really tasty. Great balance of spices. One of my favourites."

4.26 (5868 ratings)

"Soooooo tasty. Light, fresh and very moreish!"

4.25 (8290 ratings)

"You'd think this would be a fairly bland dish, however, it's bursting with flavour - absolutely loved it"

4.22 (4845 ratings)

"This was surprisingly good. The three different spices on the chicken, corn and potatoes went perfectly together"

4.22 (758 ratings)

"Wonderfully creamy and spicy at the same time, super delicious."

4.21 (563 ratings)

"Delicious! So much nicer than any carry out curry."

4.2 (11128 ratings)

"Fab. We love it as a must have Friday dinner in our house"

4.2 (4104 ratings)

"Really good salsa and surprisingly filling! Will have again"

4.2 (659 ratings)

"Love love love it"

4.16 (596 ratings)

"So tasty, the porcini crumb is heaven in a pot. In my top 3 recipes."

4.14 (3564 ratings)

"This is an authentic, delicious meal which is so quick and easy to make. Absolutely superb tasting."

4.13 (7109 ratings)

"This is my favourite dish so far and order it each month"

4.06 (5729 ratings)

"I can't get over how tasty this was with so few ingredients and have been looking to reorder it ever since!"

4.03 (3203 ratings)

"I think this might be a new favourite. I have never cooked Halloumi at home and now I am no longer afraid."

3.96 (3647 ratings)

"Really hearty, flavoursome and tasty. My favourite out of this month's box."

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I don't usually post product or company reviews but this is so good. Really tasty and amazing recipes and so easy. Good value. Loving every box so far.

Robert James Stead

Love this! It's like a recipe version of a Graze box! Easy to follow recipe cards and clearly set out. Love the little tubs of spices/pastes/garnishes! Lots of flavour in a compact box! Quick and easy recipes too. Brilliant!

Jenni Chua-McLeod

I'd tried similar services from companies that send you ALL of the ingredients but found them quite expensive overall but SimplyCook is perfect. Mailbox sized deliveries that enable you to make fantastic meals with the minimum amount of effort using ingredients you've proabably already got in

Neil Sargeant

I love SimplyCook! I have tried 8 meals now and have loved every single one. The flavour in them all has been amazing and I'm trying new things and loving them! Best choice I made signing up to this.

Dionne Clark