5 Reasons To Join The Cooking Revolution

Millions of people around the world are cooking new exciting meals but it isn’t the celebrity chefs or recipe sites that are driving this cooking revolution!

This is thanks to the global ‘Recipe kit’ trend that’s getting foodies like you expanding their cooking repertoire every week. Most of these services send simple recipes and fresh ingredients for evening meals. Sadly, more often than not these services cost £40-£50 per week and as much as £2500 per year! However, there are services that only cost £3 to get started! Read on to find out more and read our top 5 reasons to try Recipe Kits!

Reason no 1: Expand your repertoire

The average Briton can only cook 9 meals. Despite all the foodie TV shows and all the recipes online most of us just aren’t cooking new meals! Well-known recipe kit services make expanding your repertoire easy and take care of the inspiration part perfectly.

Reason no 2: Save Time

Finding new recipes, taking the time to find all of the ingredients, and slaving away over the stove can take hours! Recipe kits make this process a lot easier and often the recipes take less than 20 mins and even save on washing up.

Reason 3: Impress with your cooking skills

Because recipe kits help you achieve amazing results in minutes, with easy to follow recipes and high quality ingredients, you’ll be able to impress friends and family with your cooking ability…. even with your first attempts!

Reason no 4: Reduce food waste

Did you know? There are over 250 million pounds worth of out of date tubs full of herbs, spices, pastes and stocks on our shelves in the UK alone and sadly we often throw away fresh food. Recipe kit services reduce food waste by giving you ingredients in just the right amounts.

Reason no 5: It can be great value!

Services like SimplyCook offer a £3 trial, and even after the trial is over cooking a new meal only costs £2.25 per week. So you need not spend £40-£50 a week on an expensive service!

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So why not add SimplyCook to your shop this week? Your first box is just £3 and will contain 12 chef-blended flavour pots, making it simple for you to cook 4 restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your own home!

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