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Red Lentil & Squash Curry

Spicy coconut, red lentil and butternut squash curry with spring greens

Thai Green Curry

Classic Thai Green flavours of chilli, coriander and coconut with mixed veg

BBQ Tandoori Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges

A tandoori grill of marinated chicken or vegetables with sweet potato fries

Masala Lamb Chops

Gnarly, spicy lamb chops with cumin and paprika potato wedges and a mint raita

Cuban Prawn Pasta

A lively paprika and citrus creamy pasta with sauteed greens & cherry tomatoes

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

A vibrant chopped salad with ingredients and spices inspired by New Mexico

Penne alla Rustica

Creamy pasta, with rosemary and garlic roasted tomatoes and lemon

Lamb Keema Matar

A rich, Indian dry-style pea and mince and tomato-based curry, with warm naans

Wild Mushroom Penne

Creamy, pasta with garlic and a rich porcini mushroom and chive crumb

Iranian Vegetable Stew

A root vegetable and spinach one-pot with warm Persian spices and tomato

Beef Stroganoff

Paprika and porcini, creamy mushroom Stroganoff with horseradish mash

Spinach & Paneer Curry

Mildly spiced creamy curry with golden paneer, spinach, tomato and nigella seed

Chipotle Grilled Steak Salad

A warm "salad" with ancho chilli, herb roasted peppers and a chipotle crema

Goan Fish Curry

One of our most popular curries with coconut, mustard seed, ginger and chilli

Nasi Goreng

Malaysian-style fried rice with sweet ketjap manis sauce and crispy shallots

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles

Chinese stir-fried mince noodles with broccoli, spring onion and chilli oil

Beef Massaman

A beef, potato and coconut curry with tangy tamarind, galangal and lemongrass

Thai Basil Pork

Street food stir-fried pork in a "Thai 7-spice" blend with peppers and basil


A spicy, Louisiana style one-pan rice dish with Cajun spices and peppers


Malaysian-style chicken and potato curry with ginger, chilli and coconut

Chicken Makhani

A buttery, creamy and mildly spiced tomato-based curry with fenugreek leaf

Vietnamese Pork

Sweet, sticky and spicy aromatic pork over beef and ginger infused rice

Malaysian Laksa

Curried, coconut chicken and rice noodle soup with squash, lemongrass and lime

Sausage & Fennel Pasta

A garlic, chilli and fennel seasoned pasta bake with kale and creamy ricotta