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Mexican Pulled Chicken

Mole (pronounced mo-leh) from Puebla, Mexico is traditionally a deep, rich flavoured one-pot with ancho chilli, chipotle and chocolate, which gives the sauce its dark colour. Our quick version of pulled chicken takes inspiration from the Mole sauce, making for a tasty burger filling. The chipotle slaw adds crunch and colour to the toasted brioche bun and the paprika sweet potato fries tie it all together nicely!

Cajun Chicken with Red Pepper Sweet Potato Mash

We’ve used our spicy Cajun rub of cayenne, paprika and coriander for our chicken. The showstopper is a side of pan-fried bacon and okra which is stirred through the red pepper and sweet potato mash. Crumbled feta cheese sprinkled over the dish cuts through the spicy, smoky chicken.

Chicken Katsu Curry

“Katsu” is a method of breadcrumbing in Japan and can be used on meat, fish and even vegetables. In Japan they use panko breadcrumbs which are made from bread without crusts and allows for a much lighter, crisp coating. Curry was introduced to Japan by the British when India was still a British colony. Their version and accompaniment to Katsu has become so popular across the country that it is now a national dish!

Goan Curry

This aromatic curry is inspired by the classic fish curry of Goa, which was in turn inspired by the Portuguese. Our flavour pots offer a tangy-ness with flavours of tomato, ginger, garlic, chilli and clove. A garnish of mustard seeds and a touch of star anise finish the dish and it’s all married together by a creamy coconut milk. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re on the warm beaches of Goa!

Hot Cajun Meatballs

The blend of chilli, paprika, coriander and lime help to bring a deep smoky flavour to the beef meatballs. Cooked in a hot tomato sauce with red peppers and served with rice, this dish is a winner every time.


Of the two main types of Jambalaya in Louisiana, we've gone for the more rustic Cajun one-pot (which doesn't have tomatoes like the Creole version from New Orleans). Both styles reflect the melting pot that is Louisianan cuisine showing influence from Spain, France and Africa. They say when Spanish colonials tried to make paella without saffron, which they couldn't source in the USA, they ended up creating Jambalaya. The chorizo in this dish brings Latin attitude while the herbs provide French elegance!

Jerk Chicken

This popular Jamaican dish features chicken marinated in a fiery scotch bonnet chilli sauce and smoked in a steel drum and until blackened and crispy. We've toned down the heat in ours, but the flavours of allspice, thyme and garlic in the Jerk marinade are still deliciously bold when paired with the obligatory "rice and peas".

Lamb Keema Matar

"Keema" meaning mince and "matar" meaning peas is a traditional South Asian dry-style curry that's simple to make, but really flavourful. We've done ours with lamb, though you can cook it with any ground meat. It's tasty with rice as done in Southern India, or wrapped in warm Indian parathas as they do in North India, or in a bun as eaten on the streets of Mumbai.

Louisiana Linguine

A savoury, mildly hot and creamy sauce coats the linguine which is topped with charred chicken marinated in spices often used in the deep south of the USA. A squeeze of lemon lifts all the flavours, ensuring a comforting but exciting plate of food. This is equally good with prawns instead of chicken if you prefer.


Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian foods and shows the best of each of these nations' tastes and techniques. Our Nyonya-style curry uses a garlic and coconut paste for the base notes while our aromatic curry paste adds many levels of flavour with accents of lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime.

Penne alla Rustica

A simple yet impressive Mediterranean-inspired dish taking influences from Spanish sweet roasted red peppers and spicy chorizo and pairing it with Sicilian lemon, garlic and rosemary along with Italy’s juicy sweet cherry tomatoes. The Red Pepper Sprinkle works like magic in this dish bringing the rich creamy sauce and all the ingredients together nicely.

Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry - a favourite all over the world, gets its signature colour from green chillies and coriander root. It's traditionally made by pounding down a huge variety of fresh ingredients in a stone pestle and mortar, but as it takes so long to extract the flavour, Thais don't often make the paste from scratch! They buy it from their preferred vendor in the food markets and make the curry quickly at home!

Vietnamese Pork

Our version of this dish is based on a traditional Vietnamese dish called "Thit Ko", which is normally done with pork belly, braised for hours in young coconut juice. Often served on New Year's eve, there's certainly plenty to celebrate about this dish as it's a deliciously comforting, sweet and sticky dish served with steamed rice and spring onions.

Wild Mushroom Penne

Porcini (meaning "piglet" in Italian) mushrooms provide a rich, nutty flavour to dishes and can be used in a variety of ways from seasoning sauces to being pan-fried and served on toast as a snack or starter. Our dish uses dried porcini to season the creamy sauce and we've chosen penne pasta as the ridges in this pasta shape allow it to hold the sauce better.

Churrasco Chicken

A flavourful Portuguese-style marinade gives the chicken a deliciously crunchy glaze. We’ve paired this with some more-ish crispy potato wedges and a saffron and garlic aioli with sweetcorn.