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BBQ Tandoori Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges

Grilled chicken in a spicy Tandoori blend of paprika, cayenne, cumin, ginger and Greek yoghurt. Served with sweet potato wedges baked in a blend of coriander, turmeric, nutmeg and cumin to perfectly complement the chicken.

Beef Stroganoff

Tender strips of beef and sautéed mushrooms in a creamy, smoked paprika and mushroom sauce. The true star of this dish is the mashed potato which has zingy flavours of horseradish and parsley running through it – a lovely warming and comforting dish.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng - meaning "rice, fried" is a a popular household and hawker food stall dish in Indonesia and Malaysia. Great for using up leftover rice, this dish is known for its savoury flavours and sweet, sticky soy sauce called Katjap Manis. It's often topped with crispy shallots for texture and served with some tangy, pickled cucumbers.

Chicken Makhani

With roots in Punjab in Northern India, rumour has it that the famous Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi designed this delicious curry. Also known as “butter chicken”, this dish is traditionally made by cooking the chicken in a hot oven (or tandoor) and then simmering it in the curry sauce which is then garnished with fenugreek leaves.

Chipotle Grilled Steak Salad

A bold steak blend with cracked black pepper, fennel seed and citrus peel is rubbed onto a sirloin steak, which is charred on the grill, then served on crunchy leaves. Avocado, lemon, herb-roasted red peppers and chunks of feta cheese add texture to this colourful bowl of food! Our chipotle and soured cream dressing ties it all together.

Moqueca de Peixe

A Brazilian Fish Stew packed with white fish, peppers, tomatoes and coconut. Key spice notes of coriander, ginger, cumin, paprika and cayenne pepper help complement the red peppers and the delicate fish.

Goan Fish Curry

This is a beautiful tomato and coconut curry with delicate white fish and a hint of chilli. With a spice base of ginger, cumin, nutmeg and paprika the main star of the dish is the mustard seed and star anise garnish. Works perfectly served with rice.

Iranian Vegetable Stew

Our healthy and hearty spiced stew packed with potatoes, butternut squash, tomatoes and spinach. The key to this dish is the Ras El Hanout – a perfect blend of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and allspice. The mushroom stock and tomato paste add a depth of flavour. Finish it off with some sweet cranberries and creamy Greek yoghurt.

Linguine with Prawns and Rocket

This is a simple but sophisticated dish that’s filled with the tastes of Italy. Fresh sweet tomatoes with garlic and chilli are tossed with our seasoning of sundried tomato with leek and Sicilian lemon oil. Pan-fried prawns add texture and a lovely seaside flavour to this quick classic.


Using a combination of chicken, potatoes and green beans this is a lovely, filling curry. With a rich and creamy coconut sauce flavoured with galangal, chilli, coriander, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, this is one of our most popular curries!

Penne alla Rustica

A simple but impressive Italian-inspired dish - Our unique pots of flavour feature a delicious blend of roasted garlic, rosemary, mint and lemon peel and our spicy mediterranean style paste brings depth of flavour to cherry tomato sauce. The sweet red pepper sprinkle works like magic in this dish bringing the rich creamy sauce and all the ingredients together really nicely.

Red Lentil & Squash Curry

A delicious way of getting some goodness in with nutritious lentils, butternut squash and spring greens. Our Spicy Garlic & Coconut paste adds sweetness and depth to the lentils as well as a bit of a kick. If you’re using the optionals – a drizzle of cooling yoghurt and a splash of lime juice, really make the dish come alive!

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles has been a classic dish on the streets of Chengdu for decades. The noodles are named after the pole that the walking street vendors carried (dandan) when selling this dish with two baskets of noodles and sauce attached at either end. Rather than the traditional broth style dish, ours is more like the American Chinese version of Dandan noodles where tender boiled egg noodles are topped with crispy pork with a slightly smoky and spicy chilli oil drizzle.

Thai Red Prawn Curry

With authentic Thai flavours of galangal, shallots and dried red chilli this is a deliciously savoury curry which is balanced by the sweetness of the coconut milk and the cherry tomatoes. With desiccated coconut and fresh basil leaves to garnish and a steaming bowl of jasmine rice on the side, this fragrant dish is easy to make and really hits the spot!

Vietnamese Pork

Pork gently cooked in a sweet, fragrant sauce of garlic, galangal, ginger and spring onions flavoured with our lovely oriental beef stock. Served with Pak Choi and rice for a refreshing and light dish.

Wild Mushroom Penne

Pasta served with a deep and creamy sauce flavoured with our specialist mushroom stock and porcini blend. Extra flavours of garlic, chives and black pepper help bring the sautéed mushrooms to life.

Mexican Pulled Chicken

Mole (pronounced mo-leh) from Puebla, Mexico is traditionally a deep, rich flavoured one-pot with ancho chilli, chipotle and chocolate, which gives the sauce its dark colour. Our quick version of tender pulled chicken takes inspiration from the Mole sauce, making for a tasty burger filling. The chipotle slaw adds crunch and colour to the toasted brioche bun and the paprika sweet potato fries tie it all together nicely!

Spinach & Paneer Curry

The mild, Indian Cheese Paneer takes on the flavours of tumeric, cumin and ginger from the korma paste beautifully. Paired together with a thick creamy, tomatoey sauce and heaps of spinach. What makes this dish is the sprinkling of coconut and nigella seeds from our garnish.