A popular dish that was born from Persian influences mixed with Thai flavours, this is a rich but mild curry featuring tender beef, potatoes and crushed peanuts with a coconut and tangy tamarind sauce. Normally cooked for hours in a steel pot, we’ve captured the essence of this travellers’ favourite by preparing the fiddly tamarind and grinding down the galangal and lemongrass and blending it into our signature Massaman paste. A fragrant but hearty curry for any night of the week.

Cook our delicious Beef Massaman in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Beef Massaman. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Massaman Paste pot, a Ginger Chicken Stock pot and a Tamarind pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Beef Massaman in just 25 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Massaman Paste
  • Ginger Chicken Stock
  • Tamarind

Your shopping list:

new potatoes
jasmine rice
sirloin/rump steak (180g)
can coconut milk (light if desired)
green beans
of peanuts(optional)

Our 25 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Cook the rice and potatoes

    Cook the rice according to pack instructions.

    Boil the potatoes until tender, then drain. While the potatoes and rice cook, start on Step 2. 

  • 2.

    Meanwhile, sear the beef

    Heat a little oil in a pan over high heat. Place the beef slices in the pan on a single layer (in batches if needed). Sear them quickly so they colour on each side before removing from the pan and keeping aside. 

  • 3.

    Create the curry base

    Reduce the heat to medium, add the onion and-fry for 1 min.

    Add the MASSAMAN PASTE and fry for 1 min then pour in the coconut milk. Mix well and cook for 2 mins. 

  • 4.

    Add the vegetables

    Add the GINGER CHICKEN STOCK pot and the TAMARIND. Mix well and bring it to a gentle boil.

    Add the green beans and half of the peanuts (if using), then let it cook over a medium heat for 3 mins.

    Add the potatoes and the beef and let it cook for 2 more mins. 

  • 5.


    Add 1-2 tsps sugar to taste, then serve the curry over rice with more crushed peanuts scattered on top. 


Beef Massaman Reviews

BASED ON 3205 reviews

Janine - Feb 14, 2019

It was nice ...

Katherine - Feb 13, 2019

Waaay too salty, don’t add all the chicken stock!!!

Hayley - Feb 13, 2019


Pauline - Feb 13, 2019

A lovely meal but too much liquid for me, I will put less coconut milk in next one

Paul - Feb 11, 2019

Had this yesterday for dinner, it was amazing, just re-ordered for my next box.

Colette - Feb 11, 2019

Yummy. Thanks.

Caroline - Feb 10, 2019

Lovely flavours ????

Sifa - Feb 09, 2019


Emma - Feb 08, 2019

Omg! This was a sure winner, no faffing with spices that I’ll prob only use a couple of times and then will stay in the back of the cupboard and soooo full of flavour! Loved it! Partner had seconds and even my daughter liked it! Winner! It’s also inspired me to try more of my own recipes. Love trying something new.

Vicky - Feb 08, 2019

Full of flavour, beef was tender, filling and different

Rachel - Feb 08, 2019

I’ve never had a beef curry before but this recipe was so simply I had to give it a try and it was gorgeous! Very happy

Lee - Feb 07, 2019

Ordering again, amazing

Tracey - Feb 07, 2019

I really liked this dish

Amanda - Feb 07, 2019

Very tasty

Claire - Feb 06, 2019

The best!

Keren - Feb 06, 2019

Really tasty dish, will definitely be ordering this one again.

GEOFFREY - Feb 06, 2019

Lovely flavours in my top 10 Will definitely order again

Alison - Feb 06, 2019

So flavourful, really enjoyed it.

Irene - Feb 06, 2019

This was wonderful, I’m making it with all veggies next time!

Tracey - Feb 04, 2019

Really good thoroughly enjoyed it

Tracey - Feb 04, 2019

Really good thoroughly enjoyed it

Nathan - Feb 04, 2019

I was really excited to cook this - I followed the instructions exactly and am by no means a slouch when it comes to cooking. The Chicken stock past is OVERWHELMINGLY salty - After making 3 portions nobody who tasted it could get past a single bite. God knows what making two portions with the same pot would be like. I've unsubscribed on this experience alone - for £10, 12 spice and paste pots is not worth it.

Adrian - Feb 04, 2019

I liked this one! Lovely deep flavour

Marion - Feb 04, 2019

Yet another really tasty winner. Very warming. Gorgeous!

Colette - Feb 03, 2019

Really liked this one, not had a bad recipe so far ????

Susan - Feb 02, 2019

Not too spicy. Very tasty. Loved it.

Karan - Feb 01, 2019

Added peppers it was lovely

Alison - Feb 01, 2019

Gorgeous and super easy to cook

Leigh - Jan 30, 2019

A little too sour (but only a little!), might leave a some of the tamarind out next time

Stephen - Jan 29, 2019

Exactly as recipe stated.... just awesome flavour for a 25 min cook... I normally cook a massaman over 3 hours on a slow cook but this was very good indeed... Def ordering this one again!

Cheryl - Jan 29, 2019

Nice taste but quite runny sauce

Michael - Jan 29, 2019


Judith - Jan 28, 2019


Nathan - Jan 28, 2019

Loved it. Creamy, nutty, beefy, delicious

Joel - Jan 27, 2019

Delicious, but perhaps a little too saucy.

Kirsty - Jan 27, 2019

Absolutely delicious!

Marion - Jan 27, 2019

My fussy 11yr old son couldn't get enough of it! Quickest meal he's ever eaten. Loved it!

Michelle - Jan 26, 2019

Very lovely meaty flavour. I will use less potatoes next time as I found them quite filling. Will be having this one again.

Julie - Jan 26, 2019


Lisa - Jan 26, 2019

Absolute Friday night winner. We’ll be definitely ordering it again.

Annabel - Jan 26, 2019

This dish was tasty, made way more than two portions! It was a nice dish however I am used to homemade massaman and it wasn’t the same but still tasty anyway.

Janice - Jan 26, 2019


Janice - Jan 26, 2019


Michael - Jan 26, 2019

Very tasty but think it may have needed a bit more coconut milk and thickening up a bit.

Sarah - Jan 24, 2019

Unfortunately didn’t compare to our usual recipe

Lee-Anne - Jan 24, 2019

I popped this into a casserole dish & into the oven for about 2 hours on 150. Delish!!

Hasan - Jan 23, 2019

Tasty and good portions, just found the recipe card underestimated the cooking time

Ben - Jan 23, 2019

Loved it like everyone else! Had it for lunch the day after, tasted even better!

Rachael - Jan 23, 2019

Lovely!! I cooked it in a pan then transferred it to my slow pot using stewing steak.

Eve - Jan 23, 2019

Another delicious meal! We cooked the curry base for an extra 4-5 mins as we like a thicker sauce and also used peanut butter instead of a handful of peanuts which worked really well. We found that there was enough for 3 people.


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