This heart-warming one-pot makes for an easy dinner with lots of flavour. Rice, pork, black beans and a blend of Mexican stock and spices simmer together before being tossed with spring onion slices and sharp apple cubes. It's everything you'd want in a burrito without the additional carb. Garnish it to taste and top it with a drizzle of soured cream and some zingy lime juice.

Cook our delicious Mexican Pork One-Pot in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Mexican Pork One-Pot. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Roasted Whole Spices pot, a Smoky Chipotle Paste pot and a Mexican Stock Pot pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Mexican Pork One-Pot in just 30 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Roasted Whole Spices
  • Smoky Chipotle Paste
  • Mexican Stock Pot

Your shopping list:

pork mince
Basmati rice
black beans
granny smith apple
spring onions
soured cream(optional)
lime (optional)

Our 30 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Fry the pork mince

    Put the kettle on.

    Heat a little oil in a lidded saucepan over medium high heat. Fry the pork mince, breaking it up with a spatula and stirring until golden. (Tip: once the liquid evaporates from the pork and it starts to sizzle, turn the heat down to medium-low so it doesn't burn. Stir vigorously, scraping the pan until it's golden brown.)

    Next, add the ROASTED WHOLE SPICES and fry for 30 secs.

    Add the SMOKY CHIPOTLE PASTE along with 1 tsp of sugar and 2 tbsps of water and mix it in. 

  • 2.

    Add the rice and beans

    Add the rice and stir fry for 30 secs to coat the grains in the paste.

    Add the black beans.

    Add the MEXICAN STOCK POT to the pan and stir it in. Then pour in 300ml boiling water, and gently stir until the stock paste has fully dissolved. Then bring it back to the boil, turn the heat down to low, cover, and let it simmer for 10-12 mins, or until the rice is tender. 

  • 3.

    Prep the garnishes

    While the rice cooks, peel and cut the apple (into cubes) and slice the spring onions (thinly). 

  • 4.


    When the rice is done, remove the lid and toss through the apple and spring onions, then serve immediately with some soured cream and a squeeze of lime on top (if using). 


Mexican Pork One-Pot Reviews

BASED ON 1584 reviews

Alex - Feb 15, 2019

Despite having the prospect of great flavours, it was unfortunately rather underwhelming

Louise - Feb 15, 2019

Much nicer than I thought it would be! Very tasty and the apple was great in it.

Eleanor - Feb 14, 2019

Really tasty comfort dish. Not overly spicy or as flavoursome as others I have had. Don't be tempted to miss out the apple - it goes really well! Sour cream and guacamole are great sides with it

Jill - Feb 13, 2019

Easy one pot! Tasty with just few ingredient. Next time I’ll double the Pork & 1/2 the rice.

Gillian - Feb 13, 2019


Katherine - Feb 12, 2019

Very tasty and would cook again but timings for cooking of rice were completely off. Took at least double the length of time

Denise - Feb 12, 2019

This is the first time I have had this fish, and I did enjoy it. After reading other reviews and measuring out ingredients I added 1/2 red pepper, a little more mince, but only used half the beans. I also added chopped cucumber to the garnish. The spices were about right for me, but you could add Tabasco if you want it hotter. The great thing about Simply Cook is that I do you add the fresh ingredients yourself you can adapt it to taste. I will order again.

Jodie - Feb 11, 2019

Delish. Used 800g of pork instead so have a load left in the freezer - very happy about that as this meal was super tasty! Could have done with a few extra bits in it - just pork, beans and rice was a little missing. Maybe some corn, or peppers.

Jade - Feb 11, 2019

Quite flavourless had to add a lot extra

Alan - Feb 10, 2019

I enjoyed this. Good flavours, easy to prepare. NB Sour cream is a must.

Gemma - Feb 06, 2019

Beautiful and full of flavour. Super easy cooking all in one pot.

Alison - Feb 06, 2019

Absolutely LOVED this. I doubled the pork mince to make four portions. I added some sweetcorn and left out the apple and spring onions. We had it with wilted spinach and jacket potatoes. One of my favourites.

Branwen - Feb 03, 2019

Used meat-free mince. It was still really flavoursome

Tamzin - Feb 01, 2019

This is proper comfort food so simple to cook and delicious

EMily - Jan 31, 2019

Used beef instead of pork, mixed beans instead of black beans and lemon instead of lime

Kathryn - Jan 31, 2019

Nice flavours but missing a little heat. I would buy again but add some more spice.

Samantha - Jan 30, 2019

I only used half the paste since it was really spicy! The apple was really tasty in there, kids liked it too.

Katy - Jan 30, 2019

Loved this - it was so so easy to make!

Amanda - Jan 30, 2019

Nice enough but not my favourite

Jacqui - Jan 29, 2019

Cooked this with strips of chicken instead and was delicious

Nicki - Jan 28, 2019

Very tasty. Doubled the mince and the rice, kept the same amount of beans etc

Jane - Jan 27, 2019

Too much rice.

Alexis - Jan 26, 2019

I was really looking forward to this but it didn’t live up to expectation. Flavours not as powerful as expected.

Danielle - Jan 25, 2019


Lee - Jan 24, 2019

Could have done with a bit more spice, next time adding some Chipotle paste, apple was nice with it

Lesley - Jan 22, 2019

Husband loved this, spicy and flavoursome. No leftovers....

Craig - Jan 21, 2019

Didn’t like it at all

phillip - Jan 21, 2019

fairly flavourless but easy to make

Eloise - Jan 20, 2019

Love ... great for the kids

nicola - Jan 19, 2019

Ok but nothing special

Diane - Jan 19, 2019

Tasty and filling

Lisa - Jan 19, 2019

Lacking in taste

Katherine - Jan 18, 2019

Easy and filling, and tasty

Becky - Jan 17, 2019

This is one of my favourites!

Claire - Jan 17, 2019

It was ok but didn't excite us. On the plus side tonight's chef did reckon he actually managed to cook it in the time given.

Sandrine - Jan 17, 2019

Nice, easy to cook, flavoursome however not my favourite. Don’t think I will reorder this one any time soon.

Mahiyar - Jan 15, 2019

A delicious and authentic meal of the sort you would expect to find in a proper Italian restaurant! We upped the quantities of the ingredients for a more substantial meal and that didn't seem to dilute the rich flavours of the accompanying sauces at all. Also recommend using the optional ingredients. It was also pretty quick and easy to make, and we enjoyed this so much, we've re-ordered it in our next box!

David - Jan 14, 2019

Nice Just not as flavourful as we have come to expect from simply cook

Craig - Jan 13, 2019


Niel - Jan 13, 2019

Nice however I slow cooked mine. So nice my Mrs had seconds which she never does

Frances - Jan 13, 2019

Very easy family tea. Doubled up on ingredients with extra Chipotle and sweet corn, corn tortillas, Guacamole and grated cheese. Tasty.

Heather - Jan 12, 2019

Excellent tasty dish

Christine - Jan 10, 2019

I grated the apple and added a couple of minutes before the end, we really enjoyed it, not had one meal that we’ve not liked great.

Kellu - Jan 10, 2019

Didnt like pork mince

Ayla - Jan 10, 2019

So delicious!! I made it with 5% fat beef instead. Don’t think guacamole is needed, so filling and yummy without it!

Laurie - Jan 08, 2019

Loved it, the apple was a great addition

Siobhan - Jan 08, 2019

Exceptional. Doubled the pork and rice and added a tin of sweetcorn! Lovely with the apple and spring onions!

Clare - Jan 06, 2019

Alright, not that tasty wouldn't rush to have it again

Lyndsey - Jan 05, 2019

I doubled the amount of rice and water to make sure we had extra for lunches the next day - it was delicious!

Alan - Jan 03, 2019

Surprisingly delicious the raw apple is a must in this tasty dish


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