In our take on Peruvian style chicken, tender chicken thighs are marinated in a latin-american style rub with garlic, lime and chipotle. This works well with our smoky spicy rice, which is tossed with sweetcorn and roasted red peppers. The element that brings it all together is a zingy coriander and green chilli spiked yoghurt – our take on the classic Peruvian “green sauce"!

Cook our delicious Peruvian Chicken in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Peruvian Chicken. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Peruvian Spice Rub pot, a Spicy Rice Mix pot and a Green Sauce Seasoning pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Peruvian Chicken in just 30 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Peruvian Spice Rub
  • Spicy Rice Mix
  • Green Sauce Seasoning

Your shopping list:

chicken thighs (bone in, skin on or off)
small red onion
Red Pepper
pouch microwave basmati rice
plain yoghurt
coriander leaves

Our 30 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Heat the oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 7. Mix the Peruvian Spice Rub with 1 tbsp of olive oil in a small glass. Make some slashes in the flesh side of the chicken thighs to help them cook more evenly then put them on a lined baking tray. Pour your Peruvian marinade over the chicken and rub it in really well on both sides, then bake the chicken in the oven for 20-25 mins, or until cooked through.

  • 2.

    Heat a little oil in a pan over high heat and then add the red onion and the red pepper. Stir fry for 4 mins. Add the sweetcorn and the Spicy Rice Mix and stir well. Reduce the heat and let it continue to cook, stirring occasionally until the vegetables have browned a little. Add the rice (straight from the packet, no need to pre-heat) along with 1 tbsp water and continue to stir fry for 3 mins. Then turn off the heat and keep warm.

  • 3.

    Put the Green Sauce Seasoning and the chopped coriander in a small mixing bowl and add the yoghurt. Mix well, and keep aside.

  • 4.

    Serve portions of your spicy rice onto plates with chicken on top and a dollop of green sauce on the side as a condiment for your chicken and spicy rice.


Peruvian Chicken Reviews

BASED ON 606 reviews

Tracy - Oct 17, 2018

Lovely meal

Tracy - Oct 17, 2018

Lovely meal

Tracy - Oct 17, 2018

Lovely meal

Tracy - Oct 17, 2018

Love it

Kathryn - Oct 14, 2018

Lacked the punch I was expecting

Katriona - Oct 14, 2018

Not very spicy but very tasty

David - Oct 13, 2018

Easy and deliciously refreshing

Sharon - Oct 11, 2018

Very tasty

Jessica - Oct 10, 2018

Very tasty and plenty left over for lunch at work the next day

Michelle - Oct 09, 2018

Lacking in taste

Tracey - Oct 08, 2018

Gorgeous and spicy

Laura - Oct 08, 2018

Bit too spicy but chicken was tasty

Stephanie - Oct 06, 2018

Tasty but not totally sure that the rice goes with the chicken!

Samantha - Oct 05, 2018

The yoghurt side is amazing!

Jeremy - Oct 04, 2018

Tasty but a bit like a pasta sauce with eggs in

Gillian - Oct 03, 2018

Loved it

Lorna - Oct 03, 2018

Really liked this one. My favourite so far. Nice spice level

Tina - Oct 03, 2018

Absolutely delicious

Joanne - Oct 02, 2018

Bit bland.

Lucy - Oct 01, 2018

Very tasty. Was on the hot side. Cool sauce cooled it down

Ella - Oct 01, 2018

We found it a little bit bland, which is unusual as we always love every dish we try.

Karimat - Sep 29, 2018

Easy to put together

Sarah - Sep 27, 2018

Pour the juices from the chicken on to the rice before serving. Oh my god. Only four stars because it's not as incredible as some of the others.

Simon - Sep 27, 2018

Nice and spicy lovely meal

Amanda - Sep 27, 2018

Chicken 5/5

Paula - Sep 25, 2018

Tasty and easy

Elizabeth - Sep 24, 2018

Spiced,soft , moist chicken alongside vegetable rice mixed with spices and herbs and with yoghurt with coriander to add an extra kick - superb !!!

Susan - Sep 24, 2018


David - Sep 20, 2018

So simple but so good

Juliet - Sep 19, 2018

Very tasty / the spicy rice was spot on! Family loved it

Amy - Sep 16, 2018

Only okay. All the flavours needed dialling up!

Gwen - Sep 14, 2018

Really nice, definitely one to get again

Sue - Sep 12, 2018

Nice flavours but not a favourite. Would have liked more flavour and bit more heat. Yogurt and coriander was nice but don’t think the seasoning for this added anything- needed more flavour. I added a bit of lime juice and chopped coriander to finish the dish and we liked this.

Katie - Sep 11, 2018

Really enjoyed this, I added the juices from the chicken to the rice which added flavour. Would have been a 5 except 2 chicken thighs isn’t enough for me so did 3 each so I think a little more of the rub would be good.

Gillian - Sep 10, 2018

Really enjoyed this one, really tasty.

Johanna - Sep 07, 2018

Liked this a lot

Lucy - Sep 06, 2018

Really nice and very easy ????????

Tracy - Sep 06, 2018

Love this

Tracy - Sep 06, 2018

Love it

Tracy - Sep 05, 2018

Again fantastic dish love this I keep buying this over and over 5*

Gemma - Sep 04, 2018

Lovely ????

Karly - Sep 04, 2018


Jenny - Aug 29, 2018

Not the most exciting meal but ok

Chris - Aug 29, 2018

Tasty for dinner.

Daniel - Aug 29, 2018

A tasty chicken dish with savoury spiced rice and a delicious coriander and yoghurt dressing.

Leah - Aug 29, 2018

Great flavour, used chicken breast instead of thigh so we had more meat. Would have like rice to have been even spicier but was a pleasurable meal.

Anisha - Aug 28, 2018

Enjoyed the rice but felt the chicken didn’t have much flavour

Ryan - Aug 27, 2018

Chicken was really nice, rice was ok just wasn't what I would say is spicy.

Lorna - Aug 20, 2018

The slices for the actual chicken are rock hard. Took ages to mash them up with a fork. Really irritated me while making this dish. Excellent dish otherwise, but something needs to be done to fix the hardness of the spices.

Yvette - Aug 13, 2018

The spice on the chicken was just right, with a bit of heat to the spice. It is brilliant how well the chicken absorbed the spices without any marination. Rice was nice too (I cooked my own basmati rice). The only criticism I have is that overall the dish can be a bit dry and I didn’t think the coriander dip really worked with the dish.


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