A simple but sophisticated risotto with king prawns, calamari and mussels with celery, which imparts a fragrant and mildly aniseed-y flavour that complements seafood so well. Our aromatic lemon, fennel and herb blend is bursting with colour and flavour and lifts the creaminess of the arborio risotto rice to another level. 

Cook our delicious Seafood Risotto in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Seafood Risotto. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Seafood Stock pot, a Citrus & Fennel Mix pot and a White Wine Reduction pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Seafood Risotto in just 30 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Seafood Stock
  • Citrus & Fennel Mix
  • White Wine Reduction

Your shopping list:

celery (2 sticks) (or 1 fennel bulb)
arborio risotto rice
mixed cooked seafood (prawns, squid rings, mussels) (or 1 pack of cooked prawns)

Our 30 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Soften the onion

    Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick, lidded pan over medium-low heat. Add the onion and celery (or fennel), cover with a lid, and let them soften without browning for 3-4 mins.

    Meanwhile mix 700ml boiling water with the SEAFOOD STOCK in a heatproof jug. 

  • 2.

    Add the rice

    Melt 5g butter into the veg and stir in the CITRUS & FENNEL MIX.

    Turn the heat up and add the risotto rice and stir fry for 1min.

    Add the WHITE WINE REDUCTION along with a small splash of stock to stop anything sticking, and stir well. 

  • 3.

    Add the stock

    Turn the heat down to medium, and begin to add the stock, one ladle at a time, stirring it and letting the stock absorb into the rice before adding another ladle-full. This process may take around 20 mins. It'll be ready when the rice is cooked but still has some bite to it, and it has a creamy consistency. (Add a splash of stock if it gets dry).

    Gently stir in the seafood and let it cook for 2 mins, so the flavours can infuse.

    Add 10g more butter to the risotto and stir it in, then cover with a lid for 2 mins. 

  • 4.


    Serve the risotto with a squeeze of lemon juice, which really lifts the flavours! 


Seafood Risotto Reviews

BASED ON 835 reviews

Helen - Feb 13, 2019

Least liked so far. Might cook it again with just prawns. I am a seafood fan so was really disappointed with this one.

Allan - Feb 13, 2019

First dish I really enjoyed where there was not enough of it.

Graeme - Feb 13, 2019

Was bland with quite an off putting after taste..

Philip - Feb 09, 2019

I wondered when the string of great recipes would come to an end but today it did. The seafood was way overpowered by the flavour pots. Just too much celery and something else which I could not identify. Had this been served in a restaurant I would not have gone back.

Judith - Feb 09, 2019

Our first "no go" recipe. No blend of flavours and over powering stock mix. Very disappointing!

Marion - Feb 09, 2019

I make risotto alot but this takes it to another level! I added 1 piece of salmon cut into chunks right at the end so it didn't flake everywhere. My 11 yr old fussy son, who normally picks out the smallest pieces of onion, even gobbled the mussels down as if he hadn't eaten for a week! Simply cook has transformed his eating habbits!

Ruth - Feb 07, 2019


Nadine - Jan 31, 2019

Not one of my favourites, the rice took a lot longer to cook and was still crunchy and the dish had a very over powering pepper and aniseed flavour.

Anna - Jan 29, 2019

Wasn't looking forward to this as it didn't smell appealing during cooking. However, we were proved wrong - it was delicious! Will order again.

ryan - Jan 29, 2019

Possibly the least tasty dish we have had from you guys

Beth - Jan 29, 2019

Fennel flavour quite over powering

Nicola - Jan 19, 2019


Nicola - Jan 19, 2019


Ashleigh - Jan 17, 2019

Really nice! Probably not something I would usually make. Found the broth absorbing took way longer than expected. I also think the amount of seafood was a little under so I would probably use two packs in future.

Kirsty - Jan 15, 2019

Really tasty and easy to make :)

Edward - Jan 10, 2019

Loved it.

Edward - Jan 10, 2019

Loved it

Maria - Dec 27, 2018

A lovely dish but nothing spectacular. Enjoyed it but not as much as more exciting flavours

Kay - Dec 20, 2018

These meals have changed my life. I look forward to s yummy dish every day.

Jackie - Dec 17, 2018

Very tasty

Jill - Dec 16, 2018

Might be the favourite! If you like seafood and a kick you’ll love this !

Tammy - Dec 11, 2018

Gorgeous and easy to cook

Alexandra - Dec 04, 2018


Alexandra - Dec 04, 2018


Katya - Nov 28, 2018

You put non-spicy mark on this recipe, but I could hardly eat it, there was so much pepper! Why don’t you reduce the amount of black or chilli peppers you add to recipes that are marked non-spicy or one-out-of-three spicy - and let people add more if they like? It is often almost impossible to eat and there is no indication that it would be so hot. It is such a disappointment in otherwise good recipes.

Lynne - Nov 24, 2018

Far too salty

Sharon - Nov 23, 2018

Really nice providing you like celery followed the instructions and worked like a dream

Jeremy - Nov 23, 2018

Takes a lot longer to add the broth and you'll probably need more water if you want to get the rice right but apart from that it's very tasty.

Rebecca - Nov 20, 2018

Very nice

Joanne - Nov 18, 2018

Was ok, didn’t blow me away, possibly better with less lemon?

Harriet - Nov 13, 2018

Not the tastiest risotto I’ve made. I wouldn’t choose it again

Denis - Nov 11, 2018


Denis - Nov 07, 2018


Victoria - Oct 31, 2018

Just ok. Not one I would choose again.

Kate - Oct 30, 2018

It tasted fab but took a lot longer to cook than expected.

Suzanne - Oct 25, 2018

Absolutely delicious and so easy to cook.

Caroline - Oct 24, 2018

Really full of flavour, we loved it

Andrew - Oct 22, 2018

Another meal with no leftovers!

Louise - Oct 18, 2018


Amelia - Oct 14, 2018

Much too fishy for my taste

Anna - Oct 14, 2018

This has become a staple in our house. A real crowd pleaser!

Kath - Oct 09, 2018

Great apart from the chilli in the recipe

Plum - Oct 08, 2018

I liked it, good depth of flavour but I wasn’t wowed. Celery is not necessary in my opinion. Needed cooking a little longer than 15 minutes too. I won’t order this again I don’t think.

Alex - Oct 02, 2018

Excellent dish, full of flavour. Will definitely order again.

Sharon - Oct 02, 2018


D - Oct 02, 2018


Terry - Sep 28, 2018

We would never have thought about cooking this without SimplyCooks help. We enjoyed it and will order again.

Paula - Sep 23, 2018

Good in general but there was something not quite my taste buds favourite. I didn't add celery because I don't like it. It did took a while adding the broth to get the risotto properly cooked but the result was not bad.

Kerry - Sep 17, 2018

Enjoyed it but not on our 're order list.

Katherine - Sep 14, 2018

Great potential but far too overpowering. Think it was the fennel or pepper of something. Just not enjoyable. Lashings of lemon helped but still too much


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