Pronounced "ba-boar-tee"this popular, traditional meal from Cape Town could vie for South Africa's National dish. This warming one-pot features spiced mince with sultanas with a golden custard-style topping. A fusion pie-style dish with Malay, Indian and Dutch influence, it can now be found all over Africa and has even been adapted in Argentina where the Bobotie mixture is placed in a hollowed out pumpkin or marrow and baked until tender! 

Cook our delicious South African Bobotie in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic South African Bobotie. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Cape Curry Paste pot, a Bobotie Blend pot and a Sosatie Sauce pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious South African Bobotie in just 30 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Cape Curry Paste
  • Bobotie Blend
  • Sosatie Sauce

Your shopping list:

of bread (gluten-free if necessary)
lean beef mince
sultanas or raisins
steamed greens(optional)
mango chutney(optional)

Our 30 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Put the pieces of bread in a shallow bowl, pour a little bit of cold water over them. Leave aside to soak.

  • 2.

    Heat a large pan over medium-hight heat and add the butter. Tip the onions in and stir-fry for 3-4 mins to soften them. Add the Cape Curry Paste and mix well into the onions. Add the beef mince, breaking it up as you fry it, stirring until it changes colour (about 3 mins).

  • 3.

    Add the Bobotie Blend, the Sosatie Sauce and the sultanas and mix well. Squeeze all the water out of the bread, tear into small pieces and add to the pan, stirring it in well.

  • 4.

    Now transfer the mixture to an ovenproof dish. Press and pack the mixture down really well, making sure it’s flat on top.

  • 5.

    For the custard, lightly beat the milk and egg together in a measuring jug. Season it with some black pepper and pour it over the Bobotie mixture. Bake in the oven for 10 mins and then swap the setting to a medium-hot grill for another 5 mins, or until the custard has set and is lightly golden.

  • 6.

    Meanwhile, if you’re having broccoli and rice on the side, steam them now. Carefully serve a large spoonful of Bobotie onto each plate alongside the steamed veg and rice (if you’re having) and get stuck in.


South African Bobotie Reviews

BASED ON 833 reviews

Katherine - Nov 15, 2018

Easy, tasty and filling.

Beki - Nov 14, 2018

Interesting dish, a bit dry but mixed with broccoli & very filling

Jane - Nov 13, 2018

Won’t cook this one again - rather bland and a bit of a faff to make

Leigh - Nov 13, 2018

No idea if it was authentic but I loved it!

Waseem - Nov 10, 2018

This was just amazing

Robert - Nov 10, 2018

Do different but very nice

Gary - Nov 07, 2018

Taste was okay but "weird" texture meant we're unlikely to select again.

Esther - Nov 06, 2018

Great dish - nice with rice and broccoli

Karen - Nov 06, 2018

Ok but not really my thing

Karen - Nov 04, 2018

Not one of my favourites I must admit. It was nice but a bit cumin-y for my taste.

Jodie - Nov 04, 2018

Very unusual dish, and surprisingly tasty! Great to try something so different. I served with a lot of veg and gravy, as you would a cottage pie. Enjoyed by all.

Graham - Nov 01, 2018

Very tasty

Robert - Oct 29, 2018

Real thing has grapes, is less curry-like & has less egg topping. Meat flavour swamped by spices.

Lorraine - Oct 28, 2018

Very tasty. Would definitely make again.

Andy - Oct 27, 2018

Lovely dish will defiantly have again

Lucia - Oct 25, 2018

Surprised how nice it was

Claire - Oct 23, 2018

Even though if made it looking like a complete dogs dinner, it was super tasty, great flavours and works well with the mango chutney. My sons unfortunately due it’s appearance were less impressed.

Jacqui - Oct 22, 2018

Not for me

Amanda - Oct 20, 2018

Slighty spicy Mince. Not keen.

Terri - Oct 20, 2018

I was very in sure about this but ordered it as I recently visited South Africa. Much to my surprise we enjoyed it may reorder again.

Eva-Luise - Oct 20, 2018

Really delicious. Absolutely loved it.

Paul - Oct 18, 2018

Best dish so far

Tracy - Oct 17, 2018

Lovely meal

Juley - Oct 16, 2018

Yuk just yuk

Izabela - Oct 16, 2018

Ok. Tried it but wouldn't reorder in a hurry, much better dishes to choose from

Paul - Oct 15, 2018


Lisa - Oct 13, 2018

We order this regularly as it’s one of our favourites

Tracy - Oct 11, 2018

One of our family favourites, delicious!

Rachel - Oct 10, 2018

Lovely and very simple to make

Julie - Oct 09, 2018

Um really not a favourite I’m afraid. Mince with an omelette on top, not a great combo

David - Oct 09, 2018

Very nice. Will defo have this again

Paul - Oct 08, 2018

Steph liked it, Paul found it a bit weird

Amy - Oct 08, 2018

Wasn’t great, stodgy, and rather tastelessness

Wendy - Oct 03, 2018

Wasn't sure what to expect with the sweetness in the dish but I really enjoyed it.

Jerome - Oct 03, 2018

This is the first dish that we have not really enjoyed. All of your other dishes are transformed by the spice pots-this one just tasted like mince with flavouring

Christine - Sep 30, 2018

Wasn’t sure about this one but we really enjoyed it. ????????

Alyson - Sep 30, 2018

Unusual especially with the omelette type topping but tasty overall.

Katherine - Sep 29, 2018

Really simple to make, tasty and hearty

Wendy - Sep 28, 2018

Really tasty, wasn't sure about the sweetness and the egg custard topping at first but it was lovely!!

Terri - Sep 23, 2018

It was OK. The flavour was tasty but the mince needed cooking for much longer than the recipe stayed.

Richard - Sep 22, 2018


Deborah - Sep 20, 2018

Excellent. Loved it really tasty

Gavin - Sep 19, 2018

Very good dish.

Jo - Sep 19, 2018

Loved it. So did everyone else...!

Catherine - Sep 19, 2018

Surprised by how plain this tasted, given all the flavors. Needed a sauce. Wouldn’t order again

Alex - Sep 18, 2018

So unusual, delicious

Lucy - Sep 17, 2018

Quite a pleasant surprise. Unusual concoction but tasted great!

Ruth - Sep 15, 2018

Custard was too thin and sunk through the meat but still tasty

David - Sep 11, 2018

Lovely flavours

Paul - Sep 10, 2018

Wife didn’t like it at all. I enjoyed it, unusual textures but warming and rich. Be great for a winter dish.


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