With so many styles of curry in the hawker markets in Bali, Indonesia it was hard to select just one to try, so we’ve taken inspiration from a variety of them. You can use whole drumsticks and thighs in this, as is done authentically. It’s an aromatic curry with coconut, coriander and kaffir lime leaves, the prized signature aromatic ingredient in Indonesian dishes!

Cook our delicious Balinese Chicken in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Balinese Chicken. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Garlic Coconut Paste pot, a Balinese Paste pot and a Balinese Garnish pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Balinese Chicken in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Garlic Coconut Paste
  • Balinese Paste
  • Balinese Garnish

Your shopping list:

boneless chicken thighs
small onion
coconut milk
small green beans
cashew nuts(optional)
parathas/naan breads (or 250g pack microwave basmati rice)(optional)

Our 20 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Heat a little oil in a pan over medium heat and fry the chicken and the onion for 3-5 mins. Add the Garlic Coconut Paste and stir quickly for 1 min.

  • 2.

    Add the Balinese Paste, mix well and then let it cook for 3 mins. Add the green beans to the pan (if using).

  • 3.

    Mix in the coconut milk and the Balinese Garnish, gently boil then reduce the heat and cook for 10 mins. Meanwhile, heat the paratha/naan breads (or rice) as per pack instructions, and keep warm.

  • 4.

    When the chicken is cooked through, garnish the curry with chopped cashew nuts and serve.


Balinese Chicken Reviews

BASED ON 1022 reviews

Marie - Aug 20, 2018

Totalky tasty. Will definitely get again

Amanda - Aug 18, 2018

Spot on

Karen - Aug 17, 2018

Nice dish but after reading comments I put less coconut milk and reduced. It looked darker than the card but was really nice. Also used some Cherry tomorrow on as well. Would have it again as it was really nice and we had with Nan as well

Colin - Aug 17, 2018

A great curry full of flavour. My first simply cook meal.

Kerry - Aug 17, 2018


donnamarie - Aug 17, 2018

Ok but there are better dishes

Nathan - Aug 16, 2018

Amazing. Would have added a bit of corn flour personally to thicken the sauce but it was still a great meal.

Michelle - Aug 16, 2018

Really lovely flavours but found it too runny. I followed the instructions to the letter so not sure why. Would try it again though and perhaps not add all of the coconut milk.

Teaka - Aug 16, 2018


Michelle - Aug 15, 2018

Absolutley top drawer!!! Delicious ????

David - Aug 13, 2018

Fabulous, the best one so far. One of the best curries I have ever had.

Mick - Aug 11, 2018

Hotter than expected

steven - Aug 11, 2018

Delicious, coconut flavour with a spicy kick. Well recommended

Sue - Aug 11, 2018


Loren - Aug 09, 2018

Absolutely loved this! The flavour and spices were amazing

Gaz - Aug 08, 2018

The receipt is shite, no way in hell is 400ml of coconut milk needed unless you want a watery curry soup. Going to cancel the membership now what a waste of my time and money

Jayne - Aug 07, 2018

Tasty, quite hot, half amount of coconut milk is fine and still gives plenty of sauce

Wendy - Aug 07, 2018

great, tasty tried with fish and that was great too

Terry - Aug 05, 2018

Added some chilli to it but otherwise really nice.

Frances - Aug 04, 2018

Oh my, yes, yet another banging meal from Simply Cook.

Lucy - Aug 04, 2018

We replaced the chicken with fish and prawns - it was delicious!

Anna - Aug 04, 2018

A bit hot for me but my husband liked it

Carrie - Aug 03, 2018

Just like a Thai green curry. Turned out a bit too watery, very spicy!

Chinyere - Aug 03, 2018

This was so delicious

Peter - Aug 03, 2018

Really tasty, definitely getting again

Jak - Aug 02, 2018

Best one so far!

Alyson - Aug 02, 2018

Really enjoy the flavour - perfect level of spiciness

Sarah - Aug 01, 2018

Beautifully spicy!

Donna - Jul 31, 2018

One of my family’s favourites. I serve with rice rather than parathas. Nice spice but not overpowering, tasty, quick and simple.

Chris - Jul 30, 2018

Amazing foavour

Katy - Jul 27, 2018

Only added half of the paste and it wasn’t too spicy. Really delicious

Mark - Jul 24, 2018

Exactly as it looked on the card awesome dish.

Rowena - Jul 24, 2018

Really easy to cook and tasted delicious.

Angela - Jul 23, 2018

My family and I loved this

Margaret - Jul 22, 2018

Loved this, got more of a kick than my fav Thai green curry. I’d make this with noodles next time and shiitake mushrooms

Gillian - Jul 21, 2018

Good I enjoyed it but too hot for husband. Sauce very runny so rapidly boils for last 4 minutes

Julie - Jul 21, 2018

much hotter than expected

Leila - Jul 20, 2018

Very hot but once I reduced the heat it was lovely

Bethany - Jul 19, 2018

From the smell to the colour I loved it all. The chicken was so soft. It’s spicy but full of flavour so really enjoyable. Was so simple to make...100% eat it again. I found the sauce went a long way so could most likely make double out of it depending on how much sauce you like.

Michael - Jul 16, 2018

Easy to follow and very tasty we would have this one again loved it.

Michael - Jul 16, 2018

Easy to follow and very tasty we would have this one again loved it.

Dominique - Jul 14, 2018

I need to re-evaluate my previous 5-star ratings, because this is actually the best thing I've made with simply cook. I was sent this at random, and had always thought it looked so bland in the pictures. What a nice surprise! It's such a great blend of flavours! We had it with naan, and my flatmate has been raving that it's her favourite thing I've made for her. This is an incredible dish!

Antonia - Jul 14, 2018


Cassandra - Jul 12, 2018

Only used half the paste as it was bit spicy, but yummy

Jan - Jul 11, 2018


Georgina - Jul 10, 2018

Too hot in spice for me!!

Luke - Jul 10, 2018

Really nIce.. seperate request -Please can you add the option to give half stars :))

Steve - Jul 08, 2018

Love it

Dorota - Jul 04, 2018

I loved it, but the heat rating is confusing - it wasn’t nearly as hot as indicated (level 3). I’d rate it at heat level 1, compared to other dishes I have had. I’ll order it again, maybe the spices differ slightly each time you order?

Ffion - Jun 28, 2018



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