Featured first in a 19th century Russian cookbook, Beef Stroganoff (or Befstróganov in Russian) is now a classic dish that's popular all over the world and comes in many different variations. Sautéed beef, mushrooms, and cream are part of almost all Beef Stroganoff recipes today. It's sometimes served with rice but our gluten-free Beef Stroganoff comes with the suggestion of mashed potatoes. We've given the recipe our own twist by adding horseradish seasoning for the mashed potatoes, which complements the beef very well. The hot smoked paprika gives this dish a little kick, turning it into a delicious, hearty meal. "Priyatnogo appetita" or, enjoy your meal!

Cook our delicious Beef Stroganoff in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Beef Stroganoff. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Stroganoff Seasoning pot, a Mushroom Stock pot and a Horseradish Seasoning pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Beef Stroganoff in just 25 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Stroganoff Seasoning
  • Mushroom Stock
  • Horseradish Seasoning

Your shopping list:

mushrooms (button or chestnut)
beef fillet steak
soured cream
tomato puree
of Parsley(optional)

Our 25 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Boil the potatoes

    Boil the potatoes for 15-20 mins or until soft, then drain. Meanwhile, do step 2.

  • 2.

    Flash-fry the beef

    Toss the beef strips in half of the STROGANOFF SEASONING.

    Heat a wide pan on high heat, add 2 tsps oil and sear the beef quickly on all sides. Remove and keep aside. 

    Reduce the heat, add a knob of butter, the onion and the rest of the STROGANOFF SEASONING.  Cook for 5 mins until soft. 

    Add the mushrooms and cook for 3 mins.

  • 3.

    Create the sauce

    Mix in the tomato purée

    Stir in the MUSHROOM STOCK pot and the cream. Gently bring to the boil then cook for 2 mins on low heat.

  • 4.

    Make the mash

    Mash the potatoes with some butter and the HORSERADISH SEASONING.

    Return the beef (and its juices) to the sauce and cook for 2 mins, or longer for more 'well done' beef. 

  • 5.


    Serve the mash and the stroganoff with extra soured cream and a sprinkle of parsley (optional).


Beef Stroganoff Reviews

BASED ON 5490 reviews

scott - Feb 16, 2019

Very easy organised and tasty

Jacqueline - Feb 16, 2019

Can't tell you how many times we have cooked this. Served it to mt daughter for the first time and she would have eaten the lot. This recipe feeds 3 with a good size portion each

Leigh - Feb 15, 2019

We substituted the mash for fresh tagliatelle. Flavours incredible but not too rich

Patricia - Feb 15, 2019

I had it with rice and the sauce was yummy

Kimberley - Feb 15, 2019

Found it quite spicy but not very flavoursome

Lucie - Feb 15, 2019

Lovely flavour but not good for re heating the next day

Abbigail - Feb 15, 2019

Not the sort of meal we would usually cook but it was really tasty. We served it with some fresh vegetables too, which was a good decision.

Claire - Feb 15, 2019

Really tasty

Les - Feb 14, 2019

Did just as The card said and It was just Awesome

Gretta - Feb 14, 2019

Sooooo good and tasty ????

Jenny - Feb 14, 2019

It was awesome

Glynis - Feb 14, 2019

Nice, but too much tomato for me. If I did it again I'd reduce amount in recipe

Georgina - Feb 14, 2019

Really tasty

Jane - Feb 13, 2019

Best ever

Steph - Feb 13, 2019

Really yummy I will want to do this one again.

Fiona - Feb 13, 2019


Peter - Feb 12, 2019

Loved it! We upped the quantities a wee bit as we’re two guys and the seasoning for the mash could have been a bit more potent, but very impressed especially as it’s our very first dish! Perfect!

Lucy - Feb 12, 2019

It was okay, not my favourite. I’d scale back on the horseradish next time.

Pauline - Feb 12, 2019

I really enjoyed this. The meals from simply cook are really great.

ANGELA - Feb 12, 2019

Wouldn’t repeat if I’m honest. Okay. Nothing special.

Laura - Feb 12, 2019

Was ok, a little too heavy for me but the mash was lovely!

Susan - Feb 12, 2019

Really really nice

Victoria - Feb 11, 2019


Debbie - Feb 11, 2019

12 out of 10! Loved it, immense flavour.

Judith - Feb 11, 2019

Delicious. I replaced the mash with rice.

Laura - Feb 11, 2019

Probably not one of my favourites but still very tasty and would definitely order it again.

Lillian - Feb 10, 2019

Not keen on the horseradish spices for the mash. Otherwise delicious!

Lauren - Feb 10, 2019

Very rich and think the wine should be mandatory in the dish I didn’t add but wasn’t the same as what I had before when my uncle made it he said he added the wine

vanessa - Feb 10, 2019

Lovely hot tasty mash and deliciously creamy stroganoff

Allina - Feb 09, 2019

Tasted amazing

Margaret - Feb 09, 2019

Very tasty so easy to cook

Hayley - Feb 09, 2019

Had rice with ours, but again very impressed and plan on using The horseradish seasoning in my mash tomorrow for my shepherds pie!

Kelly - Feb 09, 2019

So nice!

Debbie - Feb 09, 2019

Did not like at all

Michelle - Feb 08, 2019

Would probably serve it with rice usually but mash was a nice alternative

Marian - Feb 08, 2019

Absolutely love this dish

Jackie - Feb 08, 2019

A bit acidic with sour cream

Jane - Feb 08, 2019

Disappointed with horse radish flavour for the mash could be a bit stronger stroganoff lovely

michelle - Feb 07, 2019

Best stroganoff so flavourful even better swapping the sour cream for single cream

Tracey - Feb 07, 2019

Beef stroganoff was amazing but the horseradish flavouring was a little overpowering in the mash but still a lovely meal

Beth - Feb 07, 2019

Really enjoyed this - so did my other half! Def will order this again x

Leigh - Feb 07, 2019

It was good, but not so good that I want it in my next box. I will order it again though.

Vicky - Feb 07, 2019

Loved it ????

Sarah - Feb 07, 2019

Tasty but I found it a bit too rich

Terri-Anne - Feb 07, 2019

Very heart warming and tasty.

Toni - Feb 07, 2019

This is one of my favourite dishes. So tasty and easy to make. Sometimes we have it with rice instead of the mash.

Maria - Feb 06, 2019

Lovely meal

Damien - Feb 06, 2019

Not as spiced as I thought it should be

Karina - Feb 06, 2019

Delicious flavour and so easy to make!!!

Jules - Feb 06, 2019

very nice


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