Featured first in a 19th century Russian cookbook, Beef Stroganoff (or Befstróganov in Russian) is now a classic dish that's popular all over the world and comes in many different variations. Sautéed beef, mushrooms, and cream are part of almost all Beef Stroganoff recipes today. It's sometimes served with rice but our gluten-free Beef Stroganoff comes with the suggestion of mashed potatoes. We've given the recipe our own twist by adding horseradish seasoning for the mashed potatoes, which complements the beef very well. The hot smoked paprika gives this dish a little kick, turning it into a delicious, hearty meal. "Priyatnogo appetita" or, enjoy your meal!

Cook our delicious Beef Stroganoff in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Beef Stroganoff. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Mushroom Stock pot, a Stroganoff Seasoning pot and a Horseradish Seasoning pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Beef Stroganoff in just 25 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Mushroom Stock
  • Stroganoff Seasoning
  • Horseradish Seasoning

Your shopping list:

large onion
mushrooms (button or chestnut)
beef fillet steak
soured cream
tomato puree
of Parsley(optional)

Our 25 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Get prepped

    Boil the potatoes for 15-20 mins or until soft, then drain. Meanwhile, do step 2.

  • 2.

    Flash-fry the beef

    Heat a little oil in a pan over high heat then sear the beef slices quickly on all sides. Remove and keep aside.

    Reduce the heat, add a knob of butter and the onion and cook for 5 mins until soft. 

    Stir in the STROGANOFF SEASONING then add the mushrooms and cook for 3 mins. 

  • 3.

    Create the sauce

    Mix in the tomato puree

    Stir in the MUSHROOM STOCK pot and the soured cream. Gently turn up the heat so it starts to bubble slightly, then turn it right down and cook for 2 mins. 

  • 4.

    Make the mash

    Mash the potatoes with some butter and the HORSERADISH SEASONING. Return the beef (and its juices) to the sauce and cook for 2 mins, or longer for more 'well done' beef.

  • 5.

    Serve the mash and the stroganoff with extra soured cream and a sprinkle of parsley (optional).


Beef Stroganoff Reviews

BASED ON reviews

John - Dec 09, 2019

Took a long time. Mash was really good

Paula - Dec 08, 2019

Really enjoyable, a very nice meal.

Liam - Dec 07, 2019

Too rich

Matty - Dec 07, 2019

Very tasty meal. Perfect for a winters day

sarahjane - Dec 05, 2019

i dont know why the recipie uses sour cream left the whole dish v tangy

Orla - Dec 04, 2019

Very enjoyable

Janet - Dec 04, 2019

Tried this with chicken for a change and it was delicious, it also works out a lot cheaper than using fillet steak

Jane - Dec 04, 2019

Very Nice

Anne - Dec 02, 2019

Really lovely, highly recommended

Adam - Dec 02, 2019

Nice Mash. Had better Stroganoff.

Louisa - Nov 30, 2019

Was loverly

Marc - Nov 30, 2019

Lovely, Good family recipe

Marc - Nov 30, 2019

Lovely, Good family recipe

Marc - Nov 30, 2019

Lovely, Good family recipe

Camilla - Nov 28, 2019

Loved it

Agnieszka - Nov 27, 2019

So tasty!

Diane - Nov 27, 2019


Maria - Nov 27, 2019

Wow a definite one to keep.

Hannah - Nov 26, 2019

Lacked a punch

Kirsty - Nov 25, 2019


Joanne - Nov 24, 2019


tania - Nov 24, 2019

Used mushrooms instead and it was a delicious vegetarian alternative

Claire - Nov 24, 2019

Beef was a bit chewey tasty tho. Need some peas to go with it

Sandra - Nov 24, 2019

Not nice at all

Julie - Nov 24, 2019

Didn’t like it at all , I have loads of meals this was one I wouldn’t have again

Ailsa - Nov 23, 2019

Out of this world!

Claire - Nov 23, 2019

I usually like strangonoff but didnt enjoy this

Ben - Nov 22, 2019

Nice but not as good as my own. Quick to make though

Saira - Nov 22, 2019

I used a different steak but still a good cut of beef would do. Very tasty!

Ceri - Nov 20, 2019

Didn’t personally like it, it was very sour...not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be none of us actually like mushrooms either so wouldn’t usually cook something like this...simply cook chose my box as I forgot to order...but no won’t be getting it again...mash was nice though

Janet - Nov 19, 2019


Lee - Nov 19, 2019

Great all round! Added double cream instead of sour cream though.

Dawn - Nov 19, 2019


Paula - Nov 19, 2019

I love stroganoff, so was very disappointed with this recipe. We found it tasteless. Even the horseradish mash was tasteless. I make it with creamed horseradish and its lovely. This was not.

Marianne - Nov 19, 2019

Delicious. My 8 year old loved it too and has been telling everyone about it! :))

Stuart - Nov 18, 2019

Fantastic as usual

Julian - Nov 18, 2019


Laura - Nov 18, 2019

Officially our favourite meal. I’m not a fan of mash but this horse radish mash was incredible!

Leanne - Nov 16, 2019

This was amazing

Ali - Nov 16, 2019


Chris - Nov 16, 2019

Really nice again, loved the horseradish mash.

Jessica - Nov 16, 2019

Stroganoff was lovely but wasn’t as keen on the horseradish mash as it took the flavour away from the lovely beef!

Lesley - Nov 16, 2019

Amazing easy to prepare, but packed full of flavour

Victoria - Nov 16, 2019

I really enjoyed this meal but not such a hit with the children

Rachel - Nov 15, 2019

Very tasty! Would do again maybe with different meat or just veg!

Linda - Nov 14, 2019

Live this one

Zita - Nov 13, 2019

I was debating whether to get this one as I've not ever had beef stroganoff before and I am SO glad I did! My butcher sliced rump steaks into 1cm cut so inwas able to slice into strips. I like my steak medium/rare so I cooked the children's for 1-2mins longer but mine and partners was perfectly cooked for us and then kids ate all theirs too! Another dish we have ordered again!

Shona - Nov 13, 2019

Absolutely delicious the whole family enjoyed this meal!

Steven - Nov 13, 2019

Not a fan

Justyna - Nov 13, 2019

Not for kids too spicy


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