Bokkeumbap is hugely popular Korean style fried rice dish that makes great use of leftovers and provides a super quick and satisfying meal. We've sourced the 2 special Korean elements that transform this jumble of ingredients into a big bowl of savoury and spicy goodness: Doenjang - a Korean soybean paste and Gochujang, a red chilli pepper paste!

Cook our delicious Bokkeumbap in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Bokkeumbap. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Garlic Paste pot, a Gochujang pot and a Doenjang pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Bokkeumbap in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Garlic Paste
  • Gochujang
  • Doenjang

Your shopping list:

a white cabbage finely
spring onions
uncooked long-grain rice or 300g cooked rice
any fresh vegetables(optional)
any (optional)

Our 20 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Cook the rice

    If making fresh rice, boil a large pan of water then add the rice. Cook over a medium heat for 8-10 mins until it's almost done (it should still have some bite as it'll continue cooking later on), then drain it and keep aside. 

  • 2.

    Fry the cabbage first

    Heat some oil in a frying pan over high heat and stir-fry the cabbage (and any other fresh veg) with the GARLIC PASTE for 3 mins. Then remove and keep aside.

    Add a little more oil to the pan and fry the cooked rice over medium heat for 5 mins, stirring occasionally. (Don’t move the rice around the pan too much so that it can start to crackle and colour a little bit.)

  • 3.

    Add the Korean flavours

    Stir the GOCHUJANG, the DOENJANG and the spring onions into the rice.

    Return the cabbage to the pan and add any cooked leftovers you're using.

  • 4.

    Fry the eggs

    Fry 2 eggs in a separate pan, keeping the yolks soft.

  • 5.


    Serve the rice with a fried egg on top, breaking the yolk into the rice to eat. 


Bokkeumbap Reviews

BASED ON 4557 reviews

Helen - Apr 24, 2019

Quick and easy, I added left over roast chicken and red peppers. Tasty!

Rob - Apr 24, 2019

Loved it!

Amy - Apr 23, 2019

One of my favourite dishes so far! Really simple and full of flavour

Robert - Apr 23, 2019

Nearly a 5 as it was delicious just didn’t have any meat with it and I love da meat

Danielle - Apr 23, 2019

This meal was delish! My only problem was that i used fresh rice. The rice then turned into rice balls/paste! I can only imagine it would be better with leftover rice as stated. It tasted great but didn’t look half as nice in the picture!

Simon - Apr 22, 2019

Not for me !

Helen - Apr 22, 2019

Yummy but a bit boring without leftovers to bolster it up

Shelley - Apr 22, 2019

very tasty.

Samantha - Apr 21, 2019

really nice flavours but very salty

Alex - Apr 21, 2019

Really really delicious despite it being mainly cabbage! Loved it.

Kirsty - Apr 20, 2019

Loved this. Simple yet really tasty.

Andrew - Apr 20, 2019

Not the best.abit boring,even with added chicken

Lesley - Apr 20, 2019

Love this dish, soooo easy

Ayla - Apr 18, 2019

Love this recipe!!! I always add the meat from pork ribs - yum!

Suzanne - Apr 17, 2019

Stunning flavours!

Jon - Apr 17, 2019

Nice. But my least favourite meal i have cooked.

Alex - Apr 17, 2019

Found it a bit salty

Frances - Apr 15, 2019

Very tasty. I’ll double the amount of cabbage next time though.

Paul - Apr 14, 2019

Love love love

Sarah - Apr 14, 2019

This is one of my favourite recipes ever!

Kate - Apr 14, 2019


Pennie - Apr 14, 2019

Good way of spicing up the left overs. Family divided over it!

Nick - Apr 13, 2019

Added veg - red pepper and oyster mushrooms. Got the dish so far and then continued regularly stirring and adding hot water to make it a bit more like risotto. Topped it with a pan fried fillet of salmon delicious. Not the most tasty or spicy dish ever but very good with some enhancements. It also needs a lot of seasoning adding. Four stars.

Sabrina - Apr 13, 2019

Lacks a lot. Just cabbage? Be more creative rather than asking us to use leftovers!

Linda - Apr 13, 2019

Didn't like this ,maybe egg and rice combo ??

Andrew - Apr 13, 2019

Not a fan of this one. Very strong taste and strange texture. Personal preferance issue I think.

Clohe - Apr 11, 2019

We both loved this meal. Think we will add some meat to it next time

Amy - Apr 11, 2019

My favourite SC dish so far! I added a fillet steak which worked really well. Left overs for lunch today with some peri peri chicken :)

Katie - Apr 11, 2019

Loved it. Will definitely cook it again. Was a bit spicy for the hubby but he still ate it ????

Nick - Apr 11, 2019

Was ill after

Lisa - Apr 10, 2019

Surprising tasty!! Received not by choice (forgot to update my box before delivery) HOWEVER really enjoyed this and would order again!

Sarah - Apr 10, 2019

Really good, I was a bit dubious about the fried egg, but it so worked. Will definitely order again.

Caroline - Apr 10, 2019

Really tasty vegetarian dish. Will def have again

Claudia - Apr 10, 2019

I added some quorn chicken pieces and radish to the cucumber garnish, came out lovely! I definitely think it needs some extra elements as without them it would be very samey

Lisa - Apr 10, 2019

Flavours were too raw and intense for me

Alice - Apr 09, 2019

Absolutely delicious!!

Jaymie - Apr 09, 2019

This is GORGEOUS. And you can change it up however you like, we added loads of different veg, or you could easily add seafood or meat. We were greedy and doubled the eggs though.

Laurence - Apr 09, 2019

Not as good as it appears. The egg is the best bit

nicole - Apr 09, 2019

Was lovely and full of flavour!

Michael - Apr 09, 2019

Easy enough but not very exciting.

Sara - Apr 09, 2019

A little bit to salty for my liking but delicious

Claire - Apr 09, 2019

Mouth is on fire. Spilt it to take for lunches instead of a evening meal, defo missing some meat.

C - Apr 09, 2019

Portions are off for 2 person recipe - I used the correct amount of rice and the sauces provided and the whole thing was much too strongly flavoured (and no, it's not because it was too spicy), ended up having to cook more rice to stir into the dish to make it edible. Even then however, it's not the best tasting stir fry, only ok.

Philip - Apr 08, 2019

Korean bubble & squeak. OK but probably would not choose it myself (it was chosen for me!)

Claire - Apr 08, 2019

So easy and tasty, better than a takeaway

Helen - Apr 07, 2019

Loved this! I wouldn’t have chosen it, but forgot to choose my own dishes and this was one that was chosen for me! So glad it was! I added some finely sliced oven-cooked chicken fillets.

bekkie - Apr 06, 2019

Ok as a side dish but found it a bit much as a main

Anouska - Apr 06, 2019

Family favourite

Chris - Apr 05, 2019

Bad recipe doesn't stipulate what size cabbage ended up eating more cabbage than rice. Please give more detail

Aleksandra - Apr 04, 2019

I am so happy with that dish ! Used chicken thigh, carrot, broccoli and mushrooms and the effect was superb ! What a treat


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