Tagine, the most famous of all Moroccan cuisine, is traditionally cooked low and slow over an open fire in the recognisable earthenware pot, from which the dish gets its name. We've really gone to town on our ingredient blends to try to capture those traditional tagine flavours of dried fruits, preserved lemons and classic flavours of cinnamon, cloves, coriander and nutmeg in our little pots of goodness so you can enjoy this dish in just 20 minutes! 

Cook our delicious Chicken Tagine in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Chicken Tagine. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Garlic Paste pot, a Tagine Paste pot and a Tagine Garnish pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Chicken Tagine in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Garlic Paste
  • Tagine Paste
  • Tagine Garnish

Your shopping list:

boneless chicken thighs
tin chopped tomatoes
tin chickpeas
dried apricots
dried couscous (or quinoa to make this gluten-free)
fresh coriander

Our 20 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Prep the quinoa (if using)

    If using quinoa to make this gluten-free, cook it now following pack instructions.

  • 2.

    Start the tagine

    Heat a little oil in a large frying pan (or tagine) over medium heat and fry the chicken for 3 mins.

    Stir the GARLIC PASTE through the chicken.

    Add the TAGINE PASTE, mix well and cook for 5 mins.

    Add the TAGINE GARNISH, chopped tomatoes and apricots and cook for 8 mins. Meanwhile see step 3.

  • 3.

    Cook the couscous

    Cook the couscous according to pack instructions and set aside.

  • 4.

    Finishing touches

    Add the chickpeas to the tagine and let it cook for 3 more mins. 

  • 5.


    Fluff up the couscous (or quinoa) with a fork and serve topped with the chicken tagine. Garnish with coriander and the juice of a lemon (if using).


Chicken Tagine Reviews

BASED ON reviews

Rosie - Feb 05, 2020

Had this tonight. It was absolutely delicious and very authentic. I don't know how you manage to make something that takes twenty minutes taste as if it has cooked for hours, but you pulled it off! Will definitely be adding this to my 'favourites' list

Marjana - Dec 28, 2019

Very easy to make. Too dry for my taste.

Lesley - Dec 10, 2019

Nice, but as with most SC meals too much spice. Not everything should have so much heat. Masks the flavours.

Elena - Dec 03, 2019

Really good

Elena - Dec 03, 2019

Very good!

Amanda - Nov 30, 2019


John - Nov 30, 2019

One of my top 5! Really quick & easy to make. I followed the recipe exactly but left out the coriander. For me, I'd increase the couscous amount. Very tasty, I'm going to do this again.

Benjamin - Nov 29, 2019

Really easy

Karen - Nov 26, 2019

Would have liked a little more spice

Holly - Nov 23, 2019

Not as spicy as expected

Frederick - Nov 19, 2019

The best one yet

Theresa - Nov 17, 2019

Not quite the flavours we like

Hans - Nov 16, 2019

Apricots interesting. Not as good as I'd hoped. But good still.

Lorraine - Nov 16, 2019

Gorgeous, warming and quick to make.

Nigel - Nov 16, 2019

Really liked this one, could have been a little spicier, but still really enjoyable, really enjoyed the apricots

Lisa - Nov 14, 2019

Disliked this recipe. Just wasnt keen on the flavours.

Helen - Nov 07, 2019

Was ok not my favourite

Helen - Nov 05, 2019


Jonathan - Nov 04, 2019

Really tasty I gave it 4 only because my other half isn’t such a fan of couscous but I loved it!

Sarah - Nov 04, 2019

The apricots would have been better soaked so they were softer. Maybe I’ll try with sultanas instead next time

Fiona - Nov 03, 2019

Much improved with the addition of chorizo

Lauren - Nov 01, 2019

It was nice enough

Olivia - Oct 30, 2019

Tasty, but not as amazing as other dishes. I also put too much stock in the cous cous so it was a bit salty.

Janet - Oct 30, 2019

Very big portion. Could have fed 3.

Lisa - Oct 27, 2019

Not to my taste .Too sweet

Deborah E - Oct 27, 2019

Tasty would cook again

Sarah - Oct 26, 2019

Too many apricots for me.

Sandra - Oct 20, 2019

A bit bland. Needs a flavoured cous cous and maybe less tomato.

Tracey - Oct 19, 2019

This was flippin lovely , cant wait to have it again

Tracey - Oct 19, 2019

This was delicious and would definitely order again. I added sultana’s which was a great addition

Andrew - Oct 14, 2019


Sarah - Oct 14, 2019

We did this with rice rather than couscous

Victoria - Oct 14, 2019

Not too spicy. A really warming comfort dish.

Charlotte - Oct 13, 2019

My first disappointment, nothing like a tagine, quite bland. Needs an onion and a sweet potato sweating off first and less chickpeas to enhance it to what it deserves to be. Filling and wholesome supper on a cold night though.

Ginette - Oct 13, 2019

Spices too raw

Katie - Oct 12, 2019

This really wasn’t for me sadly - the flavours didn’t seem to compliment one another at all. Heard some good reviews about this one though so maybe worth a try if it’s to your taste.

Jon - Oct 11, 2019

Average fare

Linda - Oct 10, 2019

Didn't like this , way too much Garlic. Don't like garlic at the best of times

Michele - Oct 09, 2019

Very filling and a nice change

Amy - Oct 09, 2019

I sprinkled feta on top to serve ????

James - Oct 09, 2019

The dish was not bad. Bit bland though. Wouldn’t go out of my way to have again.

Liz - Oct 09, 2019

Don't burn the quinoa

Jemma - Oct 08, 2019

Quite tomato, not quite traditional Tagine but ok

Jody - Oct 08, 2019

Not so good.

Victoria - Oct 06, 2019

Lovely, not too spicy but full of flavour.

Lara - Oct 05, 2019

Very easy and tasty

Rebecca - Oct 04, 2019

I liked this because it was quite spicy for a tagine, not too sweet even though I swapped the apricots for dates. Another delicious dish!

Lara - Oct 04, 2019

Perfectly nice, very easy to cook.

Noeleen - Sep 26, 2019


Alison - Sep 23, 2019

It was tasty - cooked it with prunes instead of apricots (cannot tolerate the preservative s used in dried apricots in particular). The meal was different but struggle with cous cous. Help - instructions on how to make good tasty cous cous would be helpful.


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