Mojo sauce (“moh-ho”) is the name of a variety of sauces that originated in the Canary Islands. Originally it was an olive oil based sauce with garlic, paprika,coriander leaf and lemon, orange and lime juices. The sauce, which emigrated with its people to the Caribbean, was adopted by Cubans and was made their own.It’s so versatile that it can be used on anything from marinating pork to making delicious dipping sauces. Give this "Cuban fusion" pasta a try!

Cook our delicious Cuban Prawn Pasta in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Cuban Prawn Pasta. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Mojo Seasoning pot, a White Wine Reduction pot and a Garlic Paste pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Cuban Prawn Pasta in just 15 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Mojo Seasoning
  • White Wine Reduction
  • Garlic Paste

Your shopping list:

dried linguine (GF if needed)
raw prawns (300g)
cherry tomatoes
asparagus (or tenderstem broccoli)
single cream

Our 15 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Get the pasta on

    Cook the pasta in salted boiling water for 8 mins. 

  • 2.

    Sear the prawns

    Heat a little oil in a wide pan over medium-high heat and cook the prawns for 2 mins, flipping over halfway. 

    Add the MOJO SEASONING and toss the prawns in the spices for 30 secs then remove from the pan. 

  • 3.

    Fry the veg

    Add the tomatoes, the asparagus/broccoli and the GARLIC PASTE to the pan and cook for 3 mins. 

    Add the WHITE WINE REDUCTION and stir it into the veg. 

  • 4.

    Add the cream

    Reduce the heat to medium-low, then pour in the cream, stirring gently. 

    Return the prawns (and their spices) to the pan and mix them in. 

    Collect 3-4 tbsp of cooking water from your pasta, then drain the pasta.

  • 5.


    Add the pasta, along with your reserved cooking water to the sauce. Mix well, then serve.


Cuban Prawn Pasta Reviews

BASED ON reviews

David - Dec 08, 2019

Really enjoyed this

Karen - Dec 07, 2019

Delicious & easy

Rachael - Dec 04, 2019

Really tasty. Easy to make and a little kick to keep in interesting!

Liv - Dec 02, 2019

One of the best pasta dishes

Claire - Dec 02, 2019


Claire - Dec 02, 2019


Claire - Dec 02, 2019


Sarah - Nov 29, 2019

Lovely tasty dish. I would add that bearing in mind that the recommended measurements per person for pasta is 75g, I think 400g is way too much for this dish.

Marteen - Nov 28, 2019

Amazing! My whole family loved it! Would like to cook it again and again...

Nicola - Nov 27, 2019


Annabel - Nov 26, 2019


Yvonne - Nov 26, 2019

I used chicken instead of prawns and it was lovely

Rachael - Nov 25, 2019

Absolutely delicious! Super easy to make, packed full of flavour!

Lauren - Nov 22, 2019

i doubled the cream and my family loved it!

Matt - Nov 22, 2019

Absolutely delicious!

Tonia - Nov 19, 2019

Fab very tasty

Bethany - Nov 18, 2019

Absolute favourite!!!

Julija - Nov 18, 2019

It was quite good, I used spaghetti instead of linguine. The only minus I'd say is that the sauce was a little watery.

Martin - Nov 18, 2019

really tasty

David - Nov 17, 2019

Quick and tasty.

Jodie - Nov 17, 2019

Really quick and easy to make, very tasty. Got the thumbs up from both my daughters (15 & 16). X

Emma - Nov 17, 2019

I used chicken instead as I'm not a prawn lover, still yum.

yvonne - Nov 17, 2019

Felt like there were too many prawns, will probably use less next time!

Leanne - Nov 16, 2019

Really tasty

Kayokari - Nov 16, 2019

Was all in all nice, but could’ve done with more seasoning as I had to add extra of mine

Victoria - Nov 15, 2019

Nice flavours, some might fine it quite spicy

Gary - Nov 13, 2019

Really easy to make and delicious. Nice and spicy!

Becky - Nov 13, 2019

Would have given this 5 but we received 2 garlic paste pots instead of a white wine reduction pot.

Peter - Nov 13, 2019

Very tasty and easy to cook

Rosie - Nov 13, 2019


Sylvia - Nov 12, 2019

This was delicious

stephanie - Nov 12, 2019

Need a bit more spicy flavour but was very nice

Luana - Nov 10, 2019

Definitely the best!

Luana - Nov 10, 2019

So delicious

Michael - Nov 07, 2019

Tasty and simple to make, almost the time stated

Gemma - Nov 06, 2019


Laura - Nov 05, 2019

Very nice.

Amanda - Nov 03, 2019

Very nice! Bit spicy but still enjoyable

Kate - Nov 03, 2019

Fabulous mixture of textured with superb flavour

Mel - Nov 01, 2019

Kids & adults alike all loved this! Would work well with chicken too

Nick - Oct 31, 2019

Bit spicy for kids

JULIE - Oct 29, 2019


Julia - Oct 27, 2019

One of my faves, really tasty.

Claire - Oct 27, 2019

It was ok

Beth - Oct 26, 2019

It was nice but it was more heat than flavour for me personally

Claire - Oct 26, 2019

It was ok

Karen - Oct 24, 2019


Emma - Oct 23, 2019

Not much flavour

Joanne - Oct 19, 2019

Lovely flavours .. great recipe

Michaela - Oct 18, 2019

Used more cream to make it saucier and used broccoli and asparagus


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