A light and healthy favourite of the SimplyCook team, this dish is perfect for a warm summer's day. The star of this dish is Cyprus' top cheese - halloumi . Made from goat's and sheep's milk, it's excellent for frying or grilling because it won't melt! Our Pistou blend is the perfect partner for halloumi, seasoning it with basil, olive oil, and Italian cheese and the Harissa seasoning drizzled over everything really lifts the flavours with lemon, garlic, paprika, chilli, caraway and coriander. With very simple fresh ingredients to add and delicious blends of pastes in the pots, this iron-rich veggie dish is as easy on the purse strings as it is on the waistband. Swap couscous for the deliciously grainy quinoa to make this a gluten-free dish! 

Cook our delicious Grilled Halloumi Salad in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Grilled Halloumi Salad. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Pistou pot, a Harissa Seasoning pot and a Vegetable Stock pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Grilled Halloumi Salad in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Pistou
  • Harissa Seasoning
  • Vegetable Stock

Your shopping list:

cherry tomatoes
pine nuts
couscous (or quinoa if gluten-free)
1 small bunch
flat leaf parsley(optional)

Our 20 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Cook the grains

    If making the GF version with quinoa, bring 300ml water to the boil in a lidded pan and add the VEGETABLE STOCK. Add the quinoa, then cover, turn down the heat and simmer for 15 mins until all the stock has been absorbed. 

    Or if you’re doing couscous, pour 200ml boiling water into jug and add the VEGETABLE STOCK. Put the couscous into a large bowl and pour the stock over. Cover with cling film and leave to soak for 5 mins.

  • 2.

    Fry the halloumi and courgette 

    Coat the halloumi and courgette in the PISTOU PASTE 

    Heat a griddle/frying pan over high heat. When hot, add a drizzle of oil to it then fry the halloumi and courgette until nicely golden on both sides. Then set them aside and keep warm. 

  • 3.

    Prepare the garnishess

    Uncover the couscous and fluff it up with a fork. 

    Toast the pine nuts in a dry frying pan for 2 mins, or until golden brown.

    Mix 2 tbsps oil, the juice of one lemon and the HARISSA SEASONING together  for the dressing, then pour it into the couscous/quinoa.

    Add the cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and parsley, (if using) to the couscous and mix well.

  • 4.


    Serve the seasoned grains topped with the grilled halloumi and courgette.


Grilled Halloumi Salad Reviews

BASED ON reviews

Ewis - Feb 14, 2020

I love this recipe! The quinoa has a fab flavour and texture, it was not just a background 'filler', like grains sometimes are in salads.

John - Dec 31, 2019


EFFROSYNI - Dec 23, 2019

It's easy to cook and it's very tasty! It is a salad, so it's perfect when it's cold! It will be in every order from now on !

Katherine - Dec 15, 2019

Really yummy flavours and so easy!

Morgaine - Dec 10, 2019

I’ve made this several times now! My partner likes to add some chicken as well! Very nice!

Michelle - Dec 08, 2019

So tasty!!

Becki - Dec 08, 2019

Loved this. Tastes great and was easy to make

Sophie - Dec 06, 2019

Really delicious but there seemed to be a lot of courgette!

Nosheen - Dec 06, 2019

Lovely simple meal, quick and easy to prepare, could do with stronger seasonings

Rachel - Nov 30, 2019

A bit too salty I wouldn’t add anything to the quinoa next time

Adey - Nov 26, 2019

Bit faffy

Catherine - Nov 25, 2019

One of the first dishes I really didn't enjoy, didn't like either the pistou paste or the cous cous flavouring.

Grace - Nov 23, 2019

A lot going on at once so two sets of hands are required but a tasty dish nonetheless!

Nina - Nov 23, 2019

Really enjoyed this. Was first time trying Halloumi and it was lovely.

Sarah - Nov 21, 2019

Cooked this dish twice now, easy and very tasty!

henna - Nov 20, 2019

Not a fave. The courgette and halloumi didn’t cook so great. Maybe I need a griddle pan

Hasan - Nov 17, 2019

Not as complex as I expected

Kirsty - Nov 14, 2019

Not good!

Steff - Nov 10, 2019

Instructions confusing. When it said Cook vegetables, it meant the halloumi too! Pestou was a thick lump so not sure how to coat the halloumi in it!! Tasty but VERY salty!

Amanda - Nov 08, 2019

Really simple to cook very tasty

Dawn - Nov 08, 2019

This had a strong flavour but instructions not very clear for example at the end I didn't know whether to pour the oil and lemon mix over the couscous or all of it. Pine nuts added something. Was nice but we've had much better wouldn't order again

Maggie - Nov 08, 2019

Meatless Monday favorite ????????????

Kirsty - Nov 07, 2019

The quinoa was surprisingly tasty, the halloumi was nice too but felt it it was a bit too bland with the mix. The quinoa was vibrant and tangy in comparison to the halloumi and courgette, where I felt the courgette volume was too much. The pesto flavour was nice. Again something missing for me. Worth a try if you fancy something different.

Mark - Nov 06, 2019

Went well in our new ‘meat free Wednesday’ routine. Would eat again

Paula - Nov 04, 2019

Simply delicious

Catriona - Nov 04, 2019

Wasn't a fan of this one, the flavours were just not my cup of tea

Fiona - Nov 03, 2019

Worked great as a side for roast sea bass.

Jessica - Nov 03, 2019

This is always delicious

Tanesia - Nov 03, 2019

To be honest, it was a bit of a faff. I liked all the ingredients but felt I could have made it better myself with my own seasonings. Plus it was a little too dry. Won’t order it again.

Candice - Nov 01, 2019

Too salty

Mark - Oct 30, 2019

Really good taste, normally not my cup of tea, but the wife raved about it

Terry - Oct 30, 2019

Wow , absolutely loved it definitely ordering it again .

Francois - Oct 29, 2019

I love pistou and I love halloumi but the combination of both is far too salty. Pistou goes better with the vegetables

Jodie - Oct 29, 2019


Kim - Oct 26, 2019

Too salty

Catherine - Oct 26, 2019

Delicious, strong flavours (used quinoa and it worked really well)

Laura - Oct 25, 2019

Very bland

James - Oct 25, 2019

Really good! I wouldn't recommend serving this to guests without making yourself a practice dish first - very hard to get the presentation looking nice.

Liz - Oct 25, 2019

Unexpectedly delicious!

Jamie - Oct 24, 2019

Nice lite flavoursome meal. Good option

Sally - Oct 22, 2019

Very tasty

Vikki - Oct 22, 2019

Looked good but a bit bland

Lauren - Oct 22, 2019

Very tasty

Lisa - Oct 22, 2019

Very flavoursome

Lianne - Oct 22, 2019


Maria - Oct 22, 2019

Too much cheese and salty flavouring that this dish felt really heavy and unhealthy

mareks - Oct 20, 2019

One of the best dishes

Jennifer - Oct 14, 2019


David - Oct 13, 2019

Wouldn't choose again

Adam - Oct 13, 2019

Gorgeous favours


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