Jerk Chicken - the most popular dish to be exported from Jamaica features succulent pieces of chicken marinated in a delicious, fiery jerk sauce and grilled until blackened and crispy. Normally an absolute scorcher with scotch bonnet chillies, we've toned down the heat in ours but kept the flavour big with over 21 ingredients alone in our Jerk Seasoning including allspice, thyme, ginger nutmeg and cinnamon. Incomplete without rice and peas, we show you how to create the authentic side to this Caribbean carnival of a dish in the comfort of your own home. No need to marinate for hours on end, we've packed all the flavour into our three little pots. 

Cook our delicious Jerk Chicken in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Jerk Chicken. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Jerk Seasoning pot, a Jerk Paste pot and a Chicken Stock pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Jerk Chicken in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Jerk Seasoning
  • Jerk Paste
  • Chicken Stock

Your shopping list:

chicken thigh fillets
Basmati rice
tin light coconut milk
tin red kidney beans
tinned sweetcorn(optional)
creme fraiche(optional)

Our 20 minute recipe


Jerk Chicken Reviews

BASED ON reviews

John - Dec 09, 2019


Karen - Dec 05, 2019

Lots of flavour, love the rice.

Tim - Dec 04, 2019


Archie - Nov 29, 2019

I made it too watery

Vicky - Nov 28, 2019

Not for me I'm afraid, had some fabulous meals but this one I found quite tasteless

Estelle - Nov 28, 2019

Loved the rice,

Matthew - Nov 26, 2019

Well good

Diane - Nov 25, 2019

Super tasty

Sarah - Nov 14, 2019

Rice was stodgy although cooked for a while and didn't like the beans in the recipe. Chicken and mix was excellent

Luana - Nov 10, 2019


Luana - Nov 10, 2019


Gillian - Nov 07, 2019

Didn’t like the coconut rice but chicken was tasty.

Linda - Nov 06, 2019

Very nice

Paula - Nov 05, 2019

Rice took ages to absorb the liquid, ended up having to drain excess away. Needed seasoning, chicken was delicious!

Gail - Nov 04, 2019

Definitely having again loved it

Helen - Nov 02, 2019

Loved it. Didn’t even need to have have the chicken, could make two meals out of this box.

Caroline - Oct 31, 2019

Delicious and easy to make

kayleigh - Oct 30, 2019

Was not spicy enough

Haley - Oct 29, 2019

Enjoyed all round. Chicken did however need more cooking than stated time.

Nadina - Oct 28, 2019

Really lovely, the sweetcorn added that lovely sweet crunch at the end. My 10 year old cooked it and all of the kids liked it. Will be ordering this one again!

Sarah - Oct 26, 2019

Had many times xxx

LINDA - Oct 13, 2019

Sublime. Not a spicy dish and yet u could still get a kick. Definitely in there as 1 of my favourites.

Adele - Oct 11, 2019

It tastes amazing. We loved it

Kerry - Oct 11, 2019

Not spicy enough and found the rice quite bland

Emma - Oct 01, 2019

Lovely tasty chicken seasoning, excellent for a mid-week meal

Leon - Sep 20, 2019

Taste nothing like jerk chicken. Rice is also completely wrong and almost flavourless

Claire - Sep 15, 2019

Really nice, it smelt nice and the texture was moist. I would do it again.

Michaela - Sep 15, 2019

Lovely very moreish

Miri - Sep 11, 2019

A mixed bag in my family. The little ones loved the coconut rice. The older ones loved the spicy chicken. Only I enjoyed it all. Added chopped pepper on the side as well as sweetcorn to add extra veg.

Chantal - Sep 05, 2019

Favourite x

Naomi - Sep 03, 2019

Not spicey enough for me but perfect for my partner! Still tasty enough for me though

Samantha - Sep 02, 2019

Loved this

Kelly - Sep 02, 2019

Was tasty, though husband wasn’t too keen on.l the sweetcorn

MR C G - Sep 01, 2019

It was ok. Nothing special. The fresh cream really helped to mask the spicy taste.

Jenny - Aug 31, 2019

Beautiful chicken, love the sweet corn side!

Sheila - Aug 29, 2019


A l mason - Aug 25, 2019

Not very spicy and the rice didn’t turn out well

Joanne - Aug 24, 2019

Nice little bland

Lewis - Aug 24, 2019

Lovely dear

Jennifer - Aug 24, 2019

Not much flavour/spice as expected

Jennifer - Aug 23, 2019

Disappointed in the lack of taste or spice

Debbie - Aug 20, 2019

The guys loved this one

Anna marie - Aug 18, 2019

Really good spice mix

Marek - Aug 17, 2019

Not authentic flavour

Danita - Aug 15, 2019

Not spicy enough but tasty

Fartun - Aug 15, 2019

Hubby love this meal .

Helen - Aug 14, 2019

Lovey recipe that the whole family enjoyed. The coconut rice was the perfect with the chicken

Jo - Aug 13, 2019


Laura - Aug 13, 2019


Laura - Aug 13, 2019



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