Here's a Brazilian recipe that's hugely popular amongst those that live by the coast. While the key ingredient is the freshest of fish, the huge flavour is added through the jalapenos, cumin seeds and turmeric root among other spices which we have pounded into a fragrant paste.  This is what brings a warm, spicy and sweet flavour to the coconut milk while the aromatic garnish completes the dish by providing a lovely texture with desiccated coconut and dried red chilli. 

Cook our delicious Moqueca de Peixe in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Moqueca de Peixe. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Garlic & Coconut pot, a Brazilian Paste pot and a Moqueca Garnish pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Moqueca de Peixe in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Garlic & Coconut
  • Brazilian Paste
  • Moqueca Garnish

Your shopping list for 2 servings:

  • 120g Basmati rice
  • 1 red/yellow pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • 2 seabass fillets (or cod)

Our 20 minute recipe

  1. Fry the veg

    Heat a little oil in a large pan over medium heat and fry the pepper and onion for 2 mins.

    Stir in the GARLIC & COCONUT paste

    Add the tomatoes and cook for 5-7 mins

  2. Add the Brazilian flavours

    Stir in the BRAZILIAN PASTE and the coconut milk and then let it simmer for 5 mins.

    Add the fish pieces to the pan and gently stir to submerge them in the sauce. Leave to cook on a medium- low heat for 5 mins.

    Sprinkle the MOQUECA GARNISH into the pan and gently stir through, trying not to break up the pieces of fish.

  3. Serve the Moqueca over rice!


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