Flavours of red pepper, chipotle, paprika and honey run through the smoky, tomatoey beans. Add some chorizo to bring out the extra smokiness and top with a pork chop coated in our sweet and sticky glaze. We’ve added some exciting ingredients to spice up this traditional dish from the south of France. Hope you enjoy this twist as much as we do. 

Cook our delicious Pork Chop & Cassoulet Beans in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Pork Chop & Cassoulet Beans. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Chorizo Spice Paste pot, a Chipotle Rub pot and a Garlic Paste pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Pork Chop & Cassoulet Beans in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Chorizo Spice Paste
  • Chipotle Rub
  • Garlic Paste

Your shopping list:

pork chops
large carrot
celery stick
tin haricot beans
cooking chorizo(optional)

Our 20 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Fry the veg

    Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a wide, lidded saucepan over a medium heat and add the onion, carrot, celery, chorizo (if using) and the GARLIC PASTE. Cover with a lid and cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally.

    Meanwhile, pre-heat the grill to high for the pork in step 3. 

  • 2.

    Add flavour to the cassoulet

    Add the passata, CHORIZO PASTE and haricot beans to the pan, mix well and bring to a gentle boil.  Then cover, reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for 10 mins.  Meanwhile continue with step 3. 

  • 3.

    Grill the pork chops

    While the cassoulet’s simmering, sprinkle half of the CHIPOTLE RUB on to one side of the pork chops and put them on a lined baking tray under the grill for 3-4 mins. 

    Carefully turn the chops over and sprinkle the rest of the CHIPOTLE RUB on the other side and grill them for another 3-4 mins.

  • 4.


    Serve the cassoulet beans with the pork chops on top


Pork Chop & Cassoulet Beans Reviews

BASED ON reviews

Tomasz - Dec 10, 2019

Great stuff

Helen - Dec 07, 2019

Not a fan of these beans.

Karen - Dec 06, 2019

Definitely have this again

Craig - Dec 04, 2019

Felt the smokiness could have been enhanced but hard to do in a 20 minute recipe. Enjoyed nonetheless but a recipe that can be improved

P - Dec 03, 2019

Works well as a roasted pork fillet. Beans lovely and spicy, but swamped the flavour of the pork. Would use less spice in the beans next time.

Jo - Dec 01, 2019

Very tasty

Leigh - Nov 26, 2019

So simple and so tasty. Would buy this one again.

Kay - Nov 21, 2019

This is an ok dish but the the beans tend to overpower the meat. Would have it again but only if there was nothing else on offer.

Gaynor - Nov 19, 2019

Nice cooked with pulled pork instead of chop.

Patricia - Nov 18, 2019

This had a lovely flavour but beans portion a bit too much for us though easy to adjust for next time. Also might try pork loin steaks next time as smaller.

Bartek - Nov 18, 2019

Tasted amazing, absolutely loved it. Only thing stopping me making this again is the side effects of eating this amount of beans and chorizo in one sitting.

Sarah - Nov 15, 2019

Cassoulet really tasty complemented the pork chop really well.

Michelle - Nov 14, 2019

Great winter warmer

Barbara Anne - Nov 12, 2019

Disappointed with this. It didn’t emulate the Cassoulet from the Carcassonne area of Southern France ....which has sausage and duck and is not spicy. It was very much like an upgrade on baked beans. Sorry not one to repeat for me!

Chris - Nov 11, 2019

First time having this and possibly my new favourite. Pork chop and posh baked beans! Lovely. I used pork steak instead of chops and the beans were absolutely banging cold the next day. Defo have again.

Vicki - Nov 08, 2019

Nice meal x

Michael - Nov 06, 2019

Too much tomato. Tastes like tinned baked beans.

Sarah - Nov 06, 2019

Loved it the beans were so tasty

Dawn - Nov 06, 2019

Very tasty one of the best

Gill - Oct 31, 2019

Great. Really loved it. First time my daughter had cooked one of your boxes for me. She will be joining very soon. Great flavours. We used pork medallions instead of chops but sure it made no difference! Want that again

Gaye - Oct 31, 2019

I LOVED the entire meal. Hubby not so keen on the beans.

Maria - Oct 30, 2019

Love this, definitely a favourite!

Fran - Oct 30, 2019

The Cassoulet beans were good, however, the rub for the pork chop caused us severe coughing and throat irritation when cooking. We point this out as people with breathing problems might suffer.

Gill - Oct 29, 2019

Wonderful flavours. One of the best

Lesley - Oct 29, 2019

Nice flavours although I've eaten lots of cassoulet in France and it is never so spicy. Nicest with pork steak or you could use good sausages

Katie - Oct 27, 2019


Amelia - Oct 25, 2019


James - Oct 25, 2019

Delicious! Tasted just as good as the cassoulet I ate in France recently. Just doesn't make enough food for two people so not quite 5 stars.

Nick - Oct 24, 2019

Beautiful flavour and so easy

Lara - Oct 22, 2019

Loved it had to fiddle with timings though as I used my favourite pork cutlet chops which take longer to cook.

Jon - Oct 21, 2019

Tasty dish

Lara - Oct 20, 2019

Nice recipe, true comfort food

Helen - Oct 19, 2019


Rebecca - Oct 19, 2019

The cassoulet and the pork were separately both very nice, but I found it a slightly odd combination - I think I would use less chorizo next time.

Rachel - Oct 17, 2019

Ok, not the most tasty but very healthy, no carbs, so that bumped up the score

Dawn - Oct 17, 2019

Quite tasty !!

Megan - Oct 15, 2019


Samantha - Oct 15, 2019

Really tasty but filling! We made the mistake of thinking we needed a form of potato with it, we really didn't!

David - Oct 13, 2019

Not bad

Caroline - Oct 12, 2019

Easy and delicious.

Alison - Oct 10, 2019


Abigail - Oct 08, 2019

Beans amazing, pork needs more flavour

Delia - Oct 05, 2019

Delicious - good autumn dish

Jeff - Oct 04, 2019

Very good

Barbara - Oct 02, 2019


Gerard - Oct 01, 2019

Very tasty!

Angela - Oct 01, 2019

Turned out to be a bit spicier than we'd thought it would be. But still very nice and would cook it again.

Victoria - Sep 30, 2019

Love the beans

Danielle - Sep 30, 2019

Spicier than I was expecting but definitely not a complaint ! Delicious

Elena - Sep 29, 2019

Amazing, full of flavours, best I've tried so far!


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