A simple but sophisticated risotto with king prawns, calamari and mussels with celery, which imparts a fragrant and mildly aniseed-y flavour that complements seafood so well. Our aromatic lemon, fennel and herb blend is bursting with colour and flavour and lifts the creaminess of the arborio risotto rice to another level. 

Cook our delicious Seafood Risotto in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Seafood Risotto. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Seafood Stock pot, a Citrus & Fennel Mix pot and a White Wine Reduction pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Seafood Risotto in just 30 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Seafood Stock
  • Citrus & Fennel Mix
  • White Wine Reduction

Your shopping list:

celery (2 sticks) (or 1 fennel bulb)
arborio risotto rice
mixed cooked seafood (prawns, squid rings, mussels) (or 1 pack of cooked prawns)

Our 30 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Soften the onion

    Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick, lidded pan over medium-low heat. Add the onion and celery (or fennel), cover with a lid, and let them soften without browning for 3-4 mins.

    Meanwhile mix 700ml boiling water with the SEAFOOD STOCK in a heatproof jug. 

  • 2.

    Add the rice

    Melt 5g butter into the veg and stir in the CITRUS & FENNEL MIX.

    Turn the heat up and add the risotto rice and stir fry for 1min.

    Add the WHITE WINE REDUCTION along with a small splash of stock to stop anything sticking, and stir well. 

  • 3.

    Add the stock

    Turn the heat down to medium, and begin to add the stock, one ladle at a time, stirring it and letting the stock absorb into the rice before adding another ladle-full. This process may take around 20 mins. It'll be ready when the rice is cooked but still has some bite to it, and it has a creamy consistency. (Add a splash of stock if it gets dry).

    Gently stir in the seafood and let it cook for 2 mins, so the flavours can infuse.

    Add 10g more butter to the risotto and stir it in, then cover with a lid for 2 mins. 

  • 4.


    Serve the risotto with a squeeze of lemon juice, which really lifts the flavours! 


Seafood Risotto Reviews

BASED ON reviews

Shannon - Jan 30, 2020

I was worried making this because I didn’t think it looked the most appetising and the smell of the fish stock was really off putting. To my surprise it was actually really lovely and very easy to make

James - Dec 09, 2019

Absolutely lovely. Made it a pea and prawn risotto. Will have again.

Sarah-Jane - Dec 06, 2019

Absolutely amazing. First time eating risotto and I am now a convert! You have to try this.

Rachael - Dec 04, 2019

Boring to make but tasted lovely

Rachael - Dec 04, 2019

Boring to make but tasted lovely

Zoe - Dec 01, 2019

It tasted like eating seafood abroad, so delicious! The pots made it taste really seafoody rather than just a risotto with seafood in it like I was usually make. Really yummy!

Carol - Nov 22, 2019

Too much pepper for my husband but I loved it

Ella - Nov 20, 2019

By laziness I did it with basmati rice instead of the risotto rice... It was amazing anyway!

Natalie - Nov 18, 2019

Was far too strong of a taste for me

Edina - Nov 16, 2019

It has a strong black pepper flavour - it is not a spice I would use in a seafood risotto. Apart from that it is nice.

Julia - Nov 11, 2019

Tasty and easy to make.

Paula - Nov 09, 2019


Sam - Nov 07, 2019

Wasn’t sure about the flavours

Linda - Nov 06, 2019


Michele - Nov 02, 2019

Love it

Paula - Oct 31, 2019

I've never made risotto before this was a fab recipe I've reordered yum

Becky - Oct 29, 2019

Love it

Sarah - Oct 26, 2019

I love the simplicity of this dish. But packed with flavour.

Julie - Oct 23, 2019

Tasty enough but wouldn’t rush to have it again

Lianne - Oct 22, 2019

A hit!

Joanne - Oct 20, 2019

Our absolute favorite

Michele - Oct 19, 2019

So nice

Ali - Oct 16, 2019

A bit too spicy.

Joanne - Oct 16, 2019

Our absolute favorite and so easy too

Julie - Oct 13, 2019

Would not want this again

Carol - Oct 10, 2019


Lana - Oct 10, 2019

Not a fan of risotto, but this was surprisingly good. Made it with prawns and added lots of parsley

Jannine - Oct 05, 2019

I’d have paid good money in a restaurant for this! Delicious

Robin - Sep 28, 2019

Best one yet!

Wendy - Sep 28, 2019


Joanne - Sep 24, 2019


Jean - Sep 21, 2019

Partner loved it

Christelle - Sep 16, 2019


Benjamin - Sep 08, 2019

Needed some extra seasoning. I added the fresh squeezed lemon juice at the last minute in the pan, which really lifted the dish.

Alison - Sep 08, 2019

Good fennel taste

Rich - Sep 05, 2019

Great great dish

Ashlie - Sep 04, 2019

Lovely flavours, lots of stirring but worth the wait. Would recommend adding peas at the end and it goes great with a bit of french stick with butter.

Phillip - Aug 30, 2019

Took longer than suggest.

Dawn - Aug 29, 2019

Delicious, a lovely taste of tangy aniseed/citrus along with white wine - both from the pots included xx

Michele - Aug 28, 2019


Sue - Aug 26, 2019

Lovely dish. Quite light but with great flavour.

Rich - Aug 22, 2019

Great dish

Luke - Aug 15, 2019

Love it. Dont give many 5 stars but this one deserves it.

Lydia - Aug 06, 2019

Too much fennel

Jill - Aug 06, 2019

Really tasty with a little chilli kick to it! Will order again.

Hannah - Aug 04, 2019

Not so tasty, would not have this one again!

Nellie - Aug 04, 2019

My husband doesn’t usually like risotto but he really enjoyed this so will be cooking it again soon.

Jennifer - Jul 22, 2019

If you like seafood it is probably very nice!

Lisa - Jul 22, 2019

Amazing recipe. Tastes lovely!

Michele - Jul 16, 2019

So tasty


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