This is a popular North-African/Middle eastern dish where eggs are baked in a spicy sauce with tomatoes, peppers and onions and served with a slice of bread to mop up all the tasty sauce. This hip dish is so versatile that it’s great at breakfast (as done in Israel), brunch, lunch and dinner (as is done in diners up the east coast of the U.S). This “Ottolenghi-style” dish is taking the foodie world by storm and we think it’s here to stay.

Cook our delicious Shakshouka in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Shakshouka. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Cumin & Caraway Mix pot, a Shakshouka Spices pot and a Spicy Tomato Paste pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Shakshouka in just 30 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Cumin & Caraway Mix
  • Shakshouka Spices
  • Spicy Tomato Paste

Your shopping list:

tin chopped tomatoes
peppers (1 red, 1 yellow)
small baguette
of Parsley(optional)
feta cheese for garnish(optional)

Our 30 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Toast the whole spices

    Heat a lidded frying pan over a medium heat (with no oil) and tip in the CUMIN & CARAWAY MIX and toast for 30-40 secs, or until the seeds become fragrant. 

    Add 1 tbsp of oil and the onion and peppers and fry over a medium heat for 10 mins, stirring occasionally until they soften and colour slightly.

  • 2.

    Make the sauce

    Add the SHAKSHOUKA SPICES with a splash of water and mix well. 

    Add the tinned tomatoes, most of the parsley (if using), the SPICY TOMATO PASTE. Stir well, bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium, cover, and cook for 5 mins, or until it becomes the consistency of a chunky pasta sauce. 

  • 3.

    Bake the eggs

    Use your spatula to make 4 shallow wells in the sauce and crack an egg into each space.  (It's okay if the egg whites spread out around the sauce. It's good as it'll help the whites to cook faster.) 

    Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 5 mins over a medium-low heat, or until the egg whites are just cooked and the yolks are still soft. 

  • 4.


    To serve, spoon 2 eggs along with some peppers and sauce onto plates and top with parsley leaves and a handful of crumbled feta cheese (if having). Serve with bread to mop up all the sauce.


Shakshouka Reviews

BASED ON reviews

Zoe - Jan 08, 2020

?? How is this vegan if it has 4 eggs in it ??

Monika - Dec 09, 2019

All right, could have used more chili.

Nina - Dec 08, 2019

We aren't vegetarian but trying a few vegetarian meals. Was pleasantly surprised by this one. Very tasty!

Louise - Dec 07, 2019

A bit different, we liked it

Anthony - Dec 04, 2019

Great dish could possibly have another vegetable along with the pepper for added variety

Natasha - Dec 04, 2019

My all time favourite

nigel - Dec 03, 2019

Lovely. Added spinach and lots of feta.

Angela - Dec 02, 2019

One of my favourites - such a great breakfast/brunch dish. I added bacon and mushrooms to make it a little more breakfasty. Yummy!

Nicola - Dec 01, 2019

Very tasty and filling.

Louise - Nov 30, 2019

A bit different, we liked it

Rowena - Nov 30, 2019

Lovely as always

Rachel - Nov 30, 2019

My son loved it. Too much tomato for me and I didn’t enjoy the pepper too much

James - Nov 26, 2019

Lovely ????????

Rachel - Nov 26, 2019

Eggs were lovely, sauce was extremely bland and seasoning didn't add much flavour

Karen - Nov 25, 2019

Er Um what to say ‘ it was ok just ok ! It needed meat! Tasty but a bit not overly flavoured and a bit boring. Not for us sorry.

Molly - Nov 19, 2019

Glad I tried it I'm not a huge tomatoes fan so I wouldn't have it again but it was nice.

Molly - Nov 19, 2019

Glad I tried it I'm not a huge tomatoes fan so I wouldn't have it again but it was nice.

Craig - Nov 18, 2019

Doesn't work in any way. Throwing random ingredients together just for the sake of it offers nothing if the flavours don't work. Strange offering

Dan - Nov 18, 2019

Tasty, but found it took quite a bit longer to cook than expected and the texture of egg whites in with the chunky sauce was a bit weird.

Rowena - Nov 18, 2019

Lovely as always. One of my favourites with baguette for breakfast

Inacio - Nov 18, 2019

Nice to try a different dish but it's not that flavourful

Michael - Nov 17, 2019

Similar to huevos rancheros a great tasting versatile dish, you can have it for breakfast, lunch or supper.

Angela - Nov 10, 2019

Nice dish. Personally would prefer it more hot so will add chilli next time I cook it. A good dish to cook when the cupboards are bare - I almost always have all the ingredients in this. Simple tasty eating

Sue - Nov 03, 2019

Sooo tasty! Will def be having this again!

Jonathan - Nov 03, 2019

Second time we had this and this time around we added sausages which took it to another level!

Stefani - Nov 02, 2019

Surprised with how well this turned out. Be warned, you WILL need a lid for this one. Enjoyed all the warm toasty flavors that the recipe brought. The watery consistency didn’t really bother me with the sauce but the bread does help a lot.

Rebecca - Oct 29, 2019

Love it

Holly - Oct 28, 2019

Incredible! And can be stretched to make more! Serve with buttery think crusty bread and thank me later :-)

J - Oct 27, 2019

Much too tomatoie for me.

Tracy - Oct 26, 2019

Loved this dish, added chilli, chorizo & spinach

Becky - Oct 24, 2019

Least favourite dish ever!

Lauren - Oct 22, 2019


Rowena - Oct 21, 2019

Lovely as always

Anna - Oct 20, 2019


Divyanka - Oct 19, 2019

I just loved daughter who is picky eater finished everything in a minutes. So thanks to you nd your people behind this happiness

Nicola - Oct 19, 2019

Lovey easy midweek tea with a bit of a kick The kids loved it

Will - Oct 18, 2019

The texture was fine but there’s a flavour in here that I really don’t get on with - possibly the caraway seeds?

Christine - Oct 18, 2019

Good but would have preferred a bit spicier. Appears to have been discontinued?

Chris - Oct 17, 2019

Tasty grub

Chris - Oct 16, 2019

Right tasty

Sandi - Oct 16, 2019

Delicious had with sour dough bread to mop up sauce ????

Sandi - Oct 16, 2019

Very tasty enjoyed this with sour dough bread

Mandy - Oct 15, 2019

Simple ingredients for a tasty mid week meal. Would definitely make again.

Jordan - Oct 14, 2019

Bit rubbish.

Trevor - Oct 14, 2019

Added some minced beef. Worked a treat

Anna - Oct 14, 2019

Nice flavours and liked it was veggie

Paul - Oct 12, 2019

Friends loved it me not so much

Paul - Oct 12, 2019

Friends loved it me not so much

Natalie - Oct 11, 2019

Nice and tasty

Simon - Oct 11, 2019

Amazing!! So good


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