With authentic Thai flavours of galangal, shallots and dried red chilli, this is a deliciously savoury curry which is balanced by the sweetness of the coconut milk and the cherry tomatoes. With desiccated coconut and fresh basil leaves to garnish and a steaming bowl of jasmine rice on the side, this fragrant dish is easy to make and really hits the spot!

Cook our delicious Thai Red Prawn Curry in just Minutes

We’ve sourced and blended all of the unique flavour ingredients to make our authentic Thai Red Prawn Curry. We bring these all together in a recipe kit, which consists of 3 flavour pots; a Garlic Paste pot, a Thai Red Paste pot and a Thai Red Garnish pot. Simply follow our recipe, adding a few items from your fridge, to cook this delicious Thai Red Prawn Curry in just 20 minutes.

How Our Recipes Kits Work

We provide flavour ingredients:

  • Garlic Paste
  • Thai Red Paste
  • Thai Red Garnish

Your shopping list:

jasmine rice
red peppers
tin coconut milk
sweet cherry tomatoes
peeled prawns (cooked/raw)
30g pack basil(optional)
lime (optional)

Our 20 minute recipe

  • 1.

    Make some rice

    Cook the rice according to pack instructions

  • 2.

    Start the curry base

    Heat a little oil in a pan over medium-high heat and fry the peppers for 2 mins.

    Mix in the Garlic Paste.

    Add a spoonful of coconut milk (the thick creamy bit, if possible) to the pan, then add the Thai Red Paste. Stir fry for 2 mins then pour in the rest of the coconut milk. 

  • 3.

    Add the veg

    Put the tomatoes in, bring it to a gentle boil and then simmer for 4-5 mins over a medium heat.

    Stir in the Thai Red Garnish.

    Add the prawns and stir them in gently, letting them warm up in the sauce for 1 min. (Or if using raw prawns, cook for 3 mins over a medium heat until pink throughout). 

  • 4.


    Stir in half of the basil (optional), then try the curry and add in some sugar or lime juice to taste.

    Serve the curry over rice with extra basil on top. 


Thai Red Prawn Curry Reviews

BASED ON reviews

jane - Feb 04, 2020

Very tasty

Ruth - Dec 05, 2019

Don't use all the coconut milk

Emer - Dec 05, 2019

Very tasty

Chris - Dec 03, 2019

Really nice... added corn flour for thicker sauce and was lush...

Chris - Dec 03, 2019

Really nice... added corn flour for thicker sauce and was lush...

Claire - Nov 29, 2019


stephanie - Nov 27, 2019

Very nice

Hannah - Nov 26, 2019

A lot more mild then the green

Beverley - Nov 20, 2019

Loved this. The tastes were wonderful

Cara - Nov 19, 2019


James - Nov 17, 2019

Fantastic curry.

Azrah - Nov 13, 2019

Family loved it! The sauce was full of flavour. Huge success!

Laura - Nov 13, 2019

Could have more flavour

Lizze - Nov 13, 2019

Needs a bit more heat but was very delicious

Lizze - Nov 13, 2019

Needs a bit more heat but otherwise was very nice and yummy

Katie - Nov 10, 2019


C - Nov 05, 2019

Family favourite with good flavours though would use less peppers next time.

Sarah - Nov 05, 2019

Very tasty...would buy again

Steven - Nov 04, 2019

Loved it

Kate - Nov 03, 2019

Just Wow!

Beth - Nov 03, 2019

definitely buying again

Elaine - Nov 02, 2019

Quite bland, not enough spice.

Gareth - Nov 01, 2019

Tasty dish, quite spicy though

phil - Oct 29, 2019

Gonna do again. Did with chicken this time.

Emma - Oct 28, 2019


Katie - Oct 28, 2019

Brilliant definitely our favourite recipe so far

Chloe - Oct 27, 2019

Love it. Will definitely make it again ????

Beth - Oct 26, 2019

A definite keeper

kimberley - Oct 25, 2019

Tasty food great service and great prices

Henrietta - Oct 24, 2019

Do add the fresh lime juice n extra sugar! Taste way better!

Zita - Oct 24, 2019

This dish is so delicate and full of flavour. The jasmine rice really compliments the dish. I have so many favourites it's hard to choose which one is the best!

Lisa - Oct 24, 2019

This was wow

Katie - Oct 22, 2019


Michael - Oct 22, 2019

Made it with chicken still good

Henrietta - Oct 21, 2019

It’s very lovely favour especially after added extra fresh lime juice! However, it’s a bit too rich for us. I need to add water in it! But overall, family love it.

Gillian - Oct 21, 2019

Slightly bland but tasty enough for a mid week curry.

Haley - Oct 20, 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed this recipe

MORGAN - Oct 20, 2019

Very delicious!

Tracey - Oct 20, 2019

The whole family loved it

Emma - Oct 20, 2019

Too sweet

Jade - Oct 17, 2019

A firm favourite in my house ! Very tasty !!

Zita - Oct 16, 2019

This is so tasty!! Has to be my favourite so far!! Highly recommend this one! My kids liked this too.

Steven - Oct 16, 2019

Sauce was a bit thin but tasted great.

Steven - Oct 16, 2019

Sauce was a bit thin but tasted great.

dean - Oct 16, 2019

To sweet

Robert - Oct 16, 2019

Easy, quick and tasty.

Victoria - Oct 15, 2019

The adults enjoyed this one but not a hit with the kids as they found coconut milk too dominating

Nicola - Oct 15, 2019

Another absolutely delicious meal that the whole family enjoyed ????

Dawn - Oct 15, 2019

Well down well with all my friends

Dawn - Oct 15, 2019

Went down well with all my friends


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