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I want to cancel my subscription

To cancel your subscription, click here and choose ‘I’d like to stop my regular deliveries’. If this is your first order allow 5 working days from your sign-up date for your trial box to arrive before stopping regular deliveries.

My order hasn’t arrived

We ship all of our boxes 2nd Class with Royal Mail so please allow 2-4 working days from when your order was dispatched for delivery. You can check your dispatch date in your Profile, in the Order History tab. (The boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox and don't require a signature so you don't need to be in when the box is delivered.)

Returns policy

We are happy to accept and refund any boxes returned to us within 90 days of when the order was placed*. Provided they are unopened and in good condition. Our return address is printed on the side of the box so all you need to do is write 'Return to Sender' on the front and post it back in a postbox. *Drop us an email if you are returning a box to make us aware. We can sort out any issues you may have had and process your refund more quickly.

How can I delay my next box?

On your Profile, in the Membership tab, there's a drop down menu to delay your box by up to 4 weeks.

I don’t like the dishes in my next box

Once an order updates to 'Being Prepared' we are unable to change the dishes inside. To avoid ever having a kit in your box that you don't like, make sure to set your preferences.

How can I set my Food Preferences?

To edit your preferences go here. Hover or click on dishes to mark them as Try, Love and Bin to get the most out of your subscription
Love: Mark dishes you love so you can keep track of your favourite dishes!
Try: We will send these dishes.
Bin: We will never send these. (You can still add them manually if you edit your box.)

When will I be billed?

We bill on Tuesdays and the specific date can’t be changed right now. Your next billing date will depend on frequency and when you signed up. On your account homepage, the date below ‘edit you box’ or ‘choose your dishes’ (if you haven’t made a selection) is your billing date. This will change if you change your frequency or delay your box.

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